A trip to the Zoo Lujan.

From Buenos Aires to Lujan there are about two hours away by public vehicles that cost a little more, but offer air conditioning and safe service.
While you are going on the road you can see trees and green fields but there’s not much to appreciate out of the bus’s windows once you are traveling.
You can take a nap or listen some music during this tour, I went with a friend who traveled with me from Ecuador and another friend of Chilean nationality that we met on our visit to Buenos Aires, he is from the city of Copiapo which in those days had suffered an accident due to heavy rains that did not stop falling and unfortunately flooded many homes and streets leaving much damage on the road, so we decided to invite our new friend for a walk and to see the zoo in where you can take pictures of the tiger, elephants, Bengal Tiger also lions. Once you enter the zoo, you can hear his roar and feel the floor vibrating with his roar.
I will tell you the true … the zoo was not what we expected, it was very nice to get the pictures but for the price they charge to,  foreigners want something more than just a few pictures with animals.
When you enter to the zoo there are older vehicles from the time of the second war which some people are attracted to, but me not much since I’m not a lover of cars.

I noticed something very curious in this zoo and I even take the trouble to ask the managers of each one of the cages, how they did for a lion or a tiger to be so docile? And they told us that the secret is to put a lion and a dog for a month in the same area and to familiarize them and make them grow together.

While they are still growing the dog became in a very intelligent pet, he can go to train other animals and adapting them to their behavior punishing a lion or a tiger if it performs very rough, playing or biting with greater force, given these situations the dog apply punishments which is biting the sensitive parts like ears, muzzle and paws of the lions.
When the lions get bigger than the dog, the dog is removed from the cage for safety reasons, because being smaller may lose the leadership.
Sincerely every time I went to get into one of the cages gave me some adrenaline because we do not know what can happen, but likewise cherish such a majestic animal like the lion in Africa or Stroking a tiger so respected in India is something that could not be done elsewhere and was very nice.


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