Bhutan, The Way to the Happiness.

Bhutan is a country located at the foot of the Himalayas and bordered to the north by the Republic of China and India to the south.

It has an area of 40,994 km and its inhabitants are close to 800,000.

The animal symbol of this country is the Takin which lives in the Himalaya at 2000 meters above sea level and when females were going to give birth to their offspring up to 3000 m and return once they are ready. They are wild animals and live in the cold.

The official currency is the Bhutanese Ngultrum Bhutan which has the same value as the Blonde from India for trade.

The official language is Dzongkha but also speak English in order to have a means of communication with the world, which is taught in all schools in Bhutan.

Bhutan has the rulers King Wangchuck Jigme Khesar his father who inherited the crown when he was 16 in 2006. Study at the public school in Thimphu with other children because his father wanted him to be a king who knew his people and know what they need and thus be a fair and humble King. Study Wheaton College, Massachusetts.

The dean of the faculty said that “has the ability to feel at home anywhere, because it makes everyone feel at home in his presence.”

Lifestyle change when Bhutan King Jigme Wangchuck think Sengyel indicator Gross National Happiness in 1972, which means that you first have to give more importance to happiness than material goods.

Monasterio Gangtey

Its attractions include several temples including the Monastery Ganteng, Taktshang which represent Buddhism as the national religion which was introduced by Padmasambhava who was a guru who came from India to the back of a tigress.


The Taktshang is a temple built in 1692 in honor of Buddha Padmasmavaba who came to these mountains to 3120 meters above sea level and the place was so majestic that he decided to stay and meditate on it for three years, three months, three weeks Three days and three hours. Legend tell us that when Padmasmavaba came, it did so on the back of a tigress and that’s why this place is known as the Tiger’s Nest.

Honestly for me this country has a very different way of thinking to other countries, I feel I will go to Bhutan and try to live as they do, they might help the world to take these positions about happiness and that I think are very important to maintain a balance with the environment and society.

I hope someday I’ll visit this country definitely, is in the number one place of Places to Visit before I die, this list includes includes Machu Picchu and Easter Island. It would not be wrong to try to think like a Bhutanese if we analyze it in a leisurely way, to achieve the pursuit of our own happiness Net balance with nature.

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