Day of the Dead in Mexico

The Day of the Dead in Mexico is a holiday celebrated in every corner of this beautiful country. It is celebrated from the evening of November first, this day, Mexico is decorated with orange flowers, marigold flower is one of the main symbols of this famous festival.
According to the belief, on November 2, the dead return to the underworld, to live with their families and enjoy everything they enjoyed in life: food, beverages, personal belongings, among other things. This celebration, blending elements of traditional, indigenous and Catholic religion.


On Day of the Dead in Mexico people join and celebrate with their loved ones of the dead who have left the earth physically and guide them in their spiritual journey, bringing his favorite food, flowers, ornaments, incense, the famous skulls made of sugar and chocolate, decorated with different colors and stamps golden glow.

People also dress up as skeletons with mexican hats, decorated with colored ribbons, paint their faces or masks made of corn cane paste, wood or clay are also made; which it is carved with gestures smiling toothless elderly, rosy, rosy skin.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

The famous wooden horses that will “ride” on the offerings and the altars of the houses, which are known as “ketzitakua”, dedicated to those who died in that year.

The parades are made by the same people and disguise carts altar with colorful flowers, candles, skulls made of sugar and many ornaments of this particular date.

Day of the Dead in MexicoThe dances are performed by people dressed in masks of old men, known as “The Dance of the Elderly” (T’arche Uarakua) their movements in an explosion of force and agility, footwork and jumps performed thunderous contrast with coughing and tremors that cause falls and humorous attempts to revive his colleagues affected.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Viejitos, costumed dancers in Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Traditional food for the Day of the Dead in Mexico offering is used, which is placed on the sides of the altar as fruit punch, tamales, pan de muerto, gruel, fresh water, tequila, bread of hojaldras toasted with sesame, mole and sweets made with pumpkin.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

The favorite foods of our loved ones, or any recipe that reminds us of them are also prepared.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Day of the Dead in Mexico is not a sad day, it is a celebration of the lives of our loved ones. Meals are left at the altar, the candles are lit and music is played until midnight, when it is said that the souls of loved ones return. It is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation, and is full of pride and honor.

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