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This year a few days ago this week, came the Pope Francisco to Ecuador, arrived in Quito where he was received by the authorities of Ecuador and gave a speech referring to the good things that we teach young people as is characteristic of him.

After several weeks of being announced his arrival in Ecuador the respective arrangements that would serve later for places where Catholic people would come to hear the Mass with a very important message would focus were made.

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They bequeathed to people from other countries and other cities, as the Pope Francisco came to give his message in Guayaquil and Quito. At Mass he gave in Guayaquil attended at least one million and a half people in the Park which was Samanes equipping with screens and tracks by which would later in the Pope-mobile on arrival before Mass, all channels TV made this report with joy and great expectations because during the transfer of Pope Francisco Airport were waiting in the streets of both cities full of people waiting to see him at least a few seconds to greet him, in that way you could see people screaming for greet and threw flowers or gifts which the received with great pleasure and even when they got out of the vehicle pedal colleagues to help him carry gifts, which I think is a very nice part of the show that affection by the people and give importance to such a simple way.

It is the second time a Pope comes to Ecuador and the first Latin country you visit and can give a Mass in Spanish.


In Ecuador these days determined as a holiday so all the families were able to attend this meeting and it was interesting that as the Mass went directly to the families, encouraged dialogue affection and respect for the people with whom we live, It indicated that our home is the best hospital, is the best school because here come all of our values.

I really appreciated that during this visit very much felt a little peace of mind in the atmosphere had the opportunity to see the pope on his way to the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport in Guayaquil, where you could see as receiving flowers and all flocked to to greet him, even they had people with stairs to see him, but before, during and after Mass the streets of most of the city were closed which made it difficult to reach us quite see it and take a picture to keep as a souvenir.

I believe that this visit will leave a positive thing for all those who attended the Mass and those who were not also as you could track all the events on television, but I think that was very nice and I really like the way he runs always their messages to young people and families.

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