Getting to know Madagascar

Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world after Australia, Greenland, New Guinea.

Since 2005 the official currency of Madagascar is the Malagasy ariary, which replaced the Malagasy franc 1 USD is equivalent to 2.941.83 Malagasy ariary today. I’m not pretty sure about what can you buy with 2.900 Malagasy Ariary

Its capital is Antananarivo, the country has about 22 million inhabitants, here is a picture of Antananarivo, seems like a nice place to visit. I read about Madagascar for an University work and it looks amazing not only because there is a movie called like this country, this island have many different environments.


The official language is Malagasy and French, if you want to say “hello”, “good morning” or good afternoon” in the Malagasy language you should say “Salama” and “how much does this cost?” Serious “ohatrinona ity”.

The animal is the symbol of Madagascar is the Lemur, an animal which is endemic of this island and is considered as the closest animal to man, closer than the Monkeys or Chimps. In Madagascar there are 33 species of lemur, the Striped Tail Lemur is the most studied and performed most of his activities in the day and afternoon with the sunlight, there are other species of Lemur that only come out at night which are considered unlucky and when people find one of this Black Night Lemurs they often kill them.

Lemur name comes from the lost continent of Lemuria was considered as the South Atlantis.

It was given the name of Lemur from the Latin meaning “Spirit of the Dead” as they are considered strange halfway between animals and spirit creatures.

All these animals come from the continent known as Gondwana millions of years before, which left in the island reptiles and other animals, Platypuses are a great example of prehistoric animals in Madagascar.

There are carnivorous mammals like the Fossa and there are also reptiles like chameleons, snakes and birds.

In Madagascar there are several tourist attractions mostly nature entered for example the Avenue of the Baobabs where along this route you can find trees up to 30 meters this species are known as Adansonia Grandieri, endemic to Madagascar .


The Zahamena National Park, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, has about 13 species of lemur.

Lemur Raton

I believe Madagascar is one of those mysterious places in the world that someone should visit before dying, I hope we can go there soon.

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