Guayaquil City.

Guayaquil is one of the most important cities in Ecuador with Quito and Cuenca, the last two are in the Sierra.

I live in Guayaquil and can tell you that here there are a number of things to do once you’re here, whether they’re live or visit. There are so many varieties for all people who like to be outdoors or in more private places indoors.

One of the things I like about Guayaquil is the weather, many people complain because the heat is sometimes very intense but honestly is what pleases me, the fact of being in the Torrid Zone Globe & crossed by the Equator gives us this climate that is around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, the good thing is we have the Guayas River which absorb heat, in this River you can also make tourist activities as it creates a stunning landscape, it can be seen from the Malecon Simon Bolivar which is one of the most recognized works of urban America and one of the main attractions of Guayaquil, has green areas, water sources, recreational parks, cinema, museums and next year it will have an amusement park with a Ferris wheel of 55 meters which will be very nice for the people who live here and for those who want to come visit too. Malecon Simon Bolivar, also known as Malecon 2000 is near by Barrio Las Peñas, a place that shows how were the old houses that are in the Cerro Santa Ana, there are places to listen to music, Karaoke or go drinking with friends, behind the Cerro Santa Ana is the Port Santa Ana another very important work of the Municipality of Guayaquil here you can see more springs and a cloudless sky landscape on the river, there are also sports soccer teams museums like Barcelona Sporting Club and Club Sport Emelec which are completely free and are designed to teach sports history of both teams and how it affects the city because Ecuador is a country with great interest about soccer.

Malecon 2000

Puerto Santa Ana

Another very nice place in  Guayaquil is about 15 minutes by car, from the Malecon 2000, is the Historical Park which also shows how were the old buildings and is almost equal to teleport to the past, here you will also find the zoo where you can visit for free and learn more about the fauna of Guayaquil you  will see toucans, Cayman parrots, monkeys, among others. This park will be a Hotel for visitors in the future.

Parque Historico

For people who want to go shopping there are many shopping malls where you can enjoy national and foreign food, buy clothes, go to the movies, this shoppings creates a good resting place because they all have air conditioning which in Guayaquil necessary for the temperatures already mentioned them above.

San Marino

Maybe after a long day visiting these places yo would like to rest in the hotel, and the next day could visit places for breakfast typical Ecuadorian food in places like Café de Tere, Ceviches the Rumiñahui and many more which provide a service and such good quality food which is usually crowded but worth the wait.

Desayunos GYE

I can tell you that Guayaquil is an excellent holiday as each of the sites of Ecuador destination and undoubtedly spend a great vacation here.

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