High school trip to Guanajuato, México.

This was a trip to Guanajuato with my school about 3 years ago,  going to this beatiful and historical city. We arrived to “Hotel Minero” , which was not the nicest hotel but it was comfortable for us, we live our luggage right away and head to the “Alhóndiga de granaditas” a regional museum so we didn´t waste time.

We walked from the hotel to the Museum which was really close (we walked everywhere really) and enjoy the views and took some photos. We enojed the museum, which is a very awesome building and the story about the place it´s really attractive.IMG_0333

After the museum we stopped for some icecream on our way to the next visit, “Teatro Juarez” a famous theatre everyone must visit on their trip to Guanajuato which is regarded as one of themost beautiful theatres in Mexico. We took a tour of the theatre and it was incredible, we were amazed with it. Then we started to feel hungry and decided to grab something to eat near the place, everyone went to a different restaurant , some friends and I decided to eat in a restaurant just in front of the theatre where we relax and enjoyed the food and view. Then we went to have a glance of the “Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato”, a well conserved old temple which was really close to the restaurant and we decided to go and have a look. There was a wedding happening so everything was outstanding and we where there for about 20 minutes until we realized the group was waiting for us, so we we had to run!IMG_0172

Once everyone rested it was time to go to “El Monumento al Pipila” a famous monument dedicated to “Pipila” who performed an heroic act in the war of Independence on the fire to the “Alondiga de granaditas”. It was and absolutly amazing place, it was up hill so we had the best view of the city! Once the sun went down and the city lit, we were astonished. It is a place I highly recommend to visit if you are on a trip to Guanajuato, as I said it is the nicest view of this city.


The next day we woke up early in the morning to start our second day, we were tired of all the walking and the sun of the day before, but we were excited because we were visiting the “Museum of the Mummies” that day. It was really sunny this day so the heat was terrible but once we arrived to the museum we enjoyed all the mummies and have a great time at themuseum. You need to go to these museum, is one of the best and most famous attractions in the city.IMG_0193

Later on we went to “University of Guanajuato” one of the oldest in Latin America. Which first opened in the eighteenth century as a jesuit school. The architecture of the building is really beautiful but we weren´t allowed to enter that day so we just took some photos and have a great time fooling around. We enjoyed some “Alley performances” on the evening, it is a leisure stroll along Guanajuato´s old cobbled alleys (one of them the famous “Alley of the kiss”), we walked alongside troupes of musicians dressed in 17th- century costumes. We really have and incredible time dancing, laughing and having a blast.IMG_0200

After walking all day long again we decided to go to the hotel early get dinner and go to sleep, because the next day we were going to visit “La Mina Valenciana” which is an old minewe were going to visit!


We woke up the next day, we had breakfast and then we got all our luggage into the bus to get to “La valencia” a village where the mine is located. When we arrived we got into groups, each group with one guider. They started by telling us the story of the mine and that it was one of the richest silver mines in Guanajuato. Everyone got a helmet in orderto enter the mine, which had a lot of stairs and not a lot of space , also they turned the lights off for a moment so we could see the darkness in that place, you couldn´t see a thing! It was a great experience and I think many people would like to know a mine if they had the chance.


This trip was brilliant, I had a great time with my classmates and teachers and we all enjoy this georgous city, you all need to make a trip to Guanajuato sometime if you have the time and opportunity it was a great weekend!


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