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So there i was… lonely in my room on a Wednesday night, when i received on my inbox the newsletter from one airline company offering super special discounts due to their anniversary. I entered and booked the cheapest flight i’ve ever seen to Los Cabos.. yep, no plan, no thinking, just booked it for the next year.

The year went by and as the date was getting closer i realized i really needed to start working on the details of the trip if i didn’t want to lose the ticket, so it came to my mind to invite my sister-in-law (who by way is lots of fun!) to join me. She of course, said yes. Then when talking to my grandma, i mentioned the trip and she was like: “Would you mind if i come with you?” She is lots of fun too actually, so i said “I would love you to!”. And there we were, 3 girls making this trip randomly planned. Luckily it turned out to be better than i thought!

We booked our 3 night stay at Wyndham Cabo San Lucas (now known as Tesoro Los Cabos after the hurricane) and got a great deal that included breakfast buffet (which we discovered once we were checking in so it was a positive surprise!). We got assigned a magnificent marina-view room, spacious enough for the three of us, that had also a great view to the pool from the balcony. We loved it. We also loved the breakfast, it was not that kind of juice, bread and cereal included, you could actually have a variety of dishes to choose from.

On the first day, we went to Cabo Wabo, which was walking distance from the hotel and recommended by many staff people as the main visited place to eat. It was OK, place is nice but food is overrated. Drinks are served strong, so be careful with the happy hour!


After eating we kept on walking to Paraiso Mall. The mall was almost empty and stores were too expensive, so i wouldn’t recommend you to waste time on getting there unless you really need to.The back of the Mall that faces the Marina is, on the other hand, a really nice spot for pictures and has some restaurants that look nice and classy.

That night, my sis-in-law and i decided to go out and went to Fahrenheit Bar to have some drinks. We were surprised by how empty the places were! It was Thursday already and we would assume people would be partying, but all we found was places closing at 11 AM.

Second day, we were a little disappointed on Los Cabos party ambience we were told (and expecting) so we decided to spent the day on the hotel pool: Best idea ever! We found it quite relaxing, pool was great and not too crowded, it had a delicious jacuzzi and the drinks were awesome, especially the Mojitos. Prices were reasonable and we also had plenty of food meals to order. Staff was kind and willing to serve at all times.


On our third and last day, we went to our previously booked Arc Tour. Los Cabos, as you may know is famous for this rock so you cannot miss it. We were taken on a fast boat to see The Arc in person and take some photos. Depending on the season, sometimes you can go down and walk underneath it. We then spent a couple hours in Lover’s Beach.


To close our vacation we went to Arre Mango Karaoke, funniest place in town as of my experience! We sang many songs, we had some snacks and we had the greatest time.

We really loved Cabo even when it was completely different to what we were expecting…Instead of a party place, we found it quite small and relaxing, like a little town. My sister-in-law and I live in Cancun, so we kind of have enough party the whole time and my grandma.. well, she didn’t mind!

Highlights from our trip would be as follow:

  1. We loved Wyndham Resort. The location, the facilities, the staff, the prices, the pool, the drinks, the view. Not a complaint! I would definitely book there again no hesitating.
  2. You can actually walk to any place in Los Cabos downtown. Everything is quite close, just make sure to cover from the sun as weather is really dry.
  3. You have to visit Cabo Wabo even when food is not great. It’s like one of the biggest places in town, so you kind of have to actually visit it. Also, photos on the inside are nice, just don’t expect much of a mexican meal as they claim to serve. If you go on the night, you may like the place better as they have a live band.
  4. When going to The Arc Tour, have your beach backpack with you. We didn’t know and had to rent towels, umbrellas, and everything. We enjoyed the beach day, but i am sure it would have been even better if we had everything prepared for a beach day (including drinks which are limited there). Also have your camera ready since you board the fast boat. They will not wait much for you to take the pictures and since it is in movement due to water, it does not give you much time to think on the scene.
  5. Don’t take cabs. Cabs are extremely expensive! Pre-book your airport transfer and walk while in town. Distances are not long and the ride is not worth to be paid for.

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