New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

It was the beginning of year 2014. I was at Las Vegas with my father (who lives there), my best friend and my cousin. New year at Las Vegas, what else can you ask for?

There this big publicity of the famous new year show, all the fireworks, the nightclubs full of artists, it makes it even hard to decide what you want to do! However, New Year’s Eve is a synonym for “be ready to spend lots of money” and not all of us are ready to spend our vacation budget in a single night. If you want to have a great night and still not spending a fortune, here are some highlights from my experience that may help you:

  1. Plan your night with enough time in advance and either book in the restaurant you want to go, buy your entrances to the nightclub or show, or plan your itinerary, considering how to move from one place to another. One important thing to know is that all the closest streets that access to the Strip are closed that day since the afternoon.
  1. Avoid using cabs. Cab drivers really make their night on New Year’s Eve! They charge more than double from regular prices. Instead, buses have a special long schedule, so they are available all night (or almost all night). Cab or bus, you will likely be dropped you off 3 or 4 blocks away from the place you want to get to, since (as i mentioned before) streets around the Strip are closed. Most important than everything: don’t drive if you are drinking. Police patrols are everywhere, stopping cars for no reason and randomly so avoid accidents to happen and your night to get ruined.
  1. No high-heels. Or at least, keep them on your purse until you get to the place. New Year’s Eve is all about walking, and unless you are a professional model, you may not be comfortable with talking half an hour in high-heels; plus, by the time you get to your destination, your feet will be destroyed.
  1. Prepare your drinks. A great way to save money on that night is to have your drinks prepared on your own. Many people plan to spend the night only walking at the Strip and it is actually a great idea! You can see the fireworks from there, enjoy the party atmosphere everywhere, enjoy the hotel’s lighting and decoration from outside and inside and do all that while having a drink. In Vegas it is legal to walk in the street and be drinking at the same time, so you can fill a soda bottle with rum and coke, a thermo with vodka and pineapple juice or whatever you prefer. You will save LOTS of money by having your own drinks at least for the beginning of the night.
  1. If you wanna go to a nightclub, be sure to have a large group, or join one. New Year’s Eve reservations for nightclubs are only available if booking a table and they usually come with at least 2 bottles, non-negotiable rate. And let me tell you: rates can be pretty high! The best way to avoid paying a fortune is to be with a large group so you can split the bill between everyone. If the bottles are not enough, once inside you can get personal drinks per glass, but you will already be inside enjoying the famous DJ that will most likely be playing and celebrating the start of a new year with tons of people sharing your mood.

With those helpful tips given, now let me share my last 2013 night with you! We decided to have a small dinner at home, since my father lives in an apartment that has A GREAT view to the Strip so we thought fireworks would be better appreciated from there.

Then we prepared our yards and took the bus to the Strip. We walked all over the Strip for about an hour and finally decided to enter Encore nightclub, where my cousin’s boyfriend used to work. We had a blast that night (and an unbelievable hangover the next morning).

Even though you can never have a bad night in Vegas, this date specially will surely exceed your expectations! Be cautious, have fun and take lots of picture so you can remember New Year’s Eve in Vegas forever.



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