Quito, Half the World.

Going from the coast of Ecuador to the Sierra is very rewarding because here you can see the change of vegetation by climate change if you are traveling during the day, because if you go at night the only thing that you will see out of the window will be darkness. If you are flying you can see the fields that are in the mountains which create so nice for people like me who appreciate simplicity as this shocking landscapes.

I luckily I have a lot of family in Quito  that started his life in the capital. It is a very nice place with a cold but bearable climate to some extent, I’m normally in the Journal of Guayaquil heat and I struggle a bit to go more than a week to visit my family up there, but it’s always attempt worth having a good time here and you can have a great time.

I am not one of those people who are dying to go to a nightclub barely on Friday or Thursday, I enjoy to rest my mind, strolling and eating out is why I have not visited Place Foch which is where all the clubs are and bars. But I know a place I really like the cable car I’ve ever been at times.

The last time I went to the Cable Car was with Paul and Augustine, friends that travel with me to enjoy the concert of Paul McCartney when he came to Ecuador and played for three hours live, on the cable car you could see almost every Quito and once you’re up the mountain can take walks along paths and enjoy the view.

Paul McCartney Out There Tour 2013

Paul McCartney is not the only artist of this quality that has gone to Quito, Elton John, Aerosmith, The Cranberries, The Doors, Sting, among other quality bands that have come to the capital for their presentations.


A place that I really like is a village that is at one hour from Quito where you can rest, it has a huge garden with avocado trees waterfall, a pool of hot water under roof, playground, a place for barbecues outdoor near the house sold a dish called fry dish that is a meal of potato with corn kernels, pork and salads. We usually go as a family with our other family to spend the holidays that we have free.

Soon I will be visiting Quito to appreciate the show of Cirque du Soleil that will come to present the play “Courtship” which tells the story of a clown who imagines her funeral. I think the best reason why I’m going to Quito’s because this my family and although everything is different from Guayaquil me feel at home every time I go to see my aunts which are very young and like going to visit a friend or cousin with whom you can walk and talk, heat visit family that makes more bearable for my cold of Quito.

I travel for work, for music, sports or simply because I wanted to get out of Guayaquil and feel it is a very pleasant for many people to know place events, another attraction of Quito is that half the world and you can visit the place that divides the world into two and take pictures or watch experiments that make the place.

Mitad del Mundo

I recommend to anyone reading this short article will not regret visiting Quito, after that it is possible to travel to the beach, to the Amazon or Galapagos since everything is an hour away.

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