Stay Healthy While Traveling to Tulum

Tulum is an unforgettable experience and is a very peaceful place to stay a few days, but if you are planning to stay more than only a few days you can plan your vacations full of physical activities, beautiful landscapes for walking in the mornings.

People in Tulum are super friendly, very welcome to travelers and to local people too. You will find a variety of hippies, vegetarians, solo travelers, group of friends, romantic couples and people from many cultures.

I write this article so you can have an idea of how you can have a healthy trip to Tulum, that is the perfect place, believe me, you have so many options.
Now before starting your vacations, I’ll recommend you to take a moment to plan your transportation to Tulum, your hotel and how your trip will be since all the guacamole and tequila can go out of the context if you know what I mean…

Fresh mornings are beautiful and very motivated, you can enjoy fresh fruit while you hit the ocean, take some pictures and relax in the sand.

If your plan is to spend more than just a few days in Tulum, a checklist of your favorite things to enjoy every day can be very helpful! Here an example:

  • Wake up with a very good attitude: this will make you mentalize to have a day full of activities and prepares you to have energy all day.
  • Take a morning walk beside the colorful sea of Tulum or practice some Yoga! Click here for 10 min. Yoga for beginners
  • Listen to your favorite songs in Spotify, you can prepare this before your trip and if you have the premium app you can listen to all your favorite songs without having wifi or internet in your phone.
  • Having an idea of your vacation goals can help you to use your time very good, for example, visit a specific place like the wonderful Ruins of Tulum, get to know local people of Tulum or from other countries, snorkel in the beach of Tulum, eat delicious Mexican tacos and many other options!

Make time to get energy for your body

Set an alarm maybe for 3 days of the week and stick to it, just 30 minutes of your time can make you feel so much better. This way you’ll be sure to keep up those exercise habits, feel so much better.

Maintain control over what you eat.
That means bringing your own food to eat while en route, going to the local grocery store, and simply ordering healthy dishes from the menu. When we’re forced to eat at the airport or on the road, our options are typically limited, try to choose food that makes your body feel good.

Your eyes are larger than your stomach.
This is funny but when we arrive at a restaurant in Tulum, everything looks so delicious and we want to try everything on the menu, go day by day, take it easy and enjoy every moment!

Making choices about food.
Hamburgers and nachos are delicious, but in Tulum, you will find a variety of healthy meals, for example, ceviche or shrimp tacos can make your day, give you enough energy and both had a lot of protein. Remember to add vegetables, fruit, and protein in your food.

Sure you`ll be drinking some beer and eating different types of local appetizers, try to eat in normal portions so at the end of the day you feel good and you tried many delicious meals.

Walk or Bike for transportation around Tulum.
Relaxing your body for two full weeks will take its toll, you can vary from drive to the restaurant down the block to simply walk there or go on the bicycle, is super fun and you will get to know so much better the places around.

Vacation actively.
When planning your vacation to Tulum, take your health into account. Go for an adventure trip, a snorkel trip, or a bike trip. If you are a beach vacation type of person, you can go running on the beach, swim, or surfing.

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