Tips for traveling with your pet

Traveling with your pet is fun and takes away the worry of not knowing who will take care of him while you’re on vacation. But you have to consider the whole process. Time and patience will achieve safely your flight with your pet.

If you realize, aircraft and vehicles (cars, taxis, vans, etc.) are not designed to take your pet. You must also be prepared for any problem that comes in your way for anything.

  • First, you need to have a properly sized cage for your pet. Typically greater than 10 centimeters on each side cage is required so that the pet has enough space to stand up, turn around and be able to move inside.
  • Many dogs feel safe inside the cage and will not mind being inside it while you have the necessary space.
  • Keep all papers ready for the trip. Make copies of your medical history and make sure you are updated on its vaccinations before leaving. If for any reason your dog gets sick during the flight, a veterinarian can treat it if he has access to your its history.
  • I recommend before traveling with your dog, to take it out for a run or a long walks. Spending accumulated excess energy will help your pet to relax when you are on the trip.
  • You must accustom your pet to be inside the cage. A week before, leave him daily for a while inside the cage to get him accustomed for the long journey
  • Make sure there is nothing inside the cage so your dog doesn´t get hurt. Most belts and necklaces are particularly dangerous, they can hurt the dog.
  • It is best that your dog begins the journey without having eaten or drunk water (dogs can go without eating anything for at least two hours before departure) and must go to the bathroom before leaving. Make sure your dog has enough water to keep hydrated, but not full.

Hope these tips work for you! dont miss anyone.. Be ready to take your life partner with you and have an amazing trip!

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