What it feels to swim in a big hole of water: Grand Cenote in Riviera Maya

You wanna know what it feels to jump into a big hole of water? Here I wrote a little story that describes the day I decided to jump into Grand Cenote at Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The Riviera Maya is very recognize by the tourists who came for holidays to the beach, they have a lot of fun doing snorkel, shopping and parties, but there is a lot of things to do here.

For example, I live in Cancun, and once you be here you will see you got a lot of options to do; and this time it was for me to do something fun and adventurous, it was on Sunday, very close to cancun is Playa del Carmen, by car you will get there in 40 minutes, and is very popular go to the Routes of the Cenotes, here in the route there are almost 10 differents cenotes that you can met to have a lot of fun, the name is because directly on the avenue from Paya del Carmen to Tulum you will see the entrance for a lot of Cenotes, the one that i was looking for to learn calls Gran Cenote, this cenote is perfect to those ones who loves diving.

I was with my friends that day having a lot of fun after a good party last night at Palazzo that is on the 12 street in Playa del Carmen, we woke up early to start our day at 100% of energy and attitude! So I took my car and drived with my friends looking for the Gran Cenote, but no one of us go there before jaja wrond! I ask for the location and first of all the cenote is located in Tulum, its only at 2 km from the archaeological park, from Playa del Carmen to Tulum its on the right side of the road directly to Cobá.

When we finally arrived there we see a lot of tourist, for the entrance you have to pay 200 pesos; this Price is because the entrance includes the food, by the time you get into you see a natural place, its very quiet and calm, before we can go to swim we needed to use the showers to be more clean, that one is a rule of the place. After the shower we took the way downstairs to finally swim in the cenote. For our surprise the place was amazing, honestly i can’t describe it better, is beautiful. You can see all the nature and creation that God did for us for our entertainment. To enjoy more we rented a snorkel equipment for the Price of 30 pesos and for our stuffs a locker with the same Price, finally we were ready to jump for our enjoy!!

If you see the water is very clear, you can see everything almost without an snorkel, we tought it wasn’t to much deep, we tought that maybe it was like 5 meters, so then, we decide to jump from the stairs and start swimming, the first touch on the water was insane!! is supercold!!! Jajaja Omg! You almost get like an ice cube!! But we didn’t payed attention cause the feeling disappeared by the time we stayed on the water. We were swimming with the others tourists and local people in there having fun.


When I decide to use the snorkel and try to touch with my hand the rocks down to us, in fact i try to do it with my feet cause i thougt it was like one meter from me, but i just put the snorkel and I discovered that the rock was at almost 12 meters from me!! O.o (that was my face after seeing that) i was scared!!

After that i knew that the most deepest part in that cenote was 20 meters!! You felt like if you were flying, and in the same moment I saw a light deep with my eyes behind me, there were some people diving down there! they were biologists looking for another connection between more cenotes, and another more were tourists.

After a lot of time swimming and having fun we went out and went for some food. I can tell the water was delicious, nothing bad for a new experience. Believe me if you are looking for more fun apart the parties here, if you want to disconnect yourself from all the noise and get relax for one day and if you want a new experience you have to try this! It’s a beautiful memory that you will never forget, and like i said is not the only one, you have a lot!! This was my experience in this cenote, so…imagine how are you gonna feel when you try this? You have a lot of options here and experiences to meet, try!!!.



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