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6 Life Lessons Travel Has Taught Me

I decided to write this article for all those travelers who are wondering why traveling changes your perspective of life. Getting out of my comfort zone and leaving the place where I was born seemed difficult at first but there is these quote that i love “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Now I love traveling, is part of myself. These are some Life Lessons Travel Has Taught Me:IMG_0943

1. Helped Me To Appreciate And Learn From Other Cultures

Traveling and meeting new people from different parts of the world made me realize how important is for them their own traditions, is part of who they are. No country or even a small city thinks the same way. All of this has helped me appreciate other cultures and remember mine, also to know that we are all human beings and have goodness within us. Before you know it, you’ll be picking up on local customs and falling in love with food you can barely even pronounce.

2. Learned To Live The Moment

Traveling is a feast for my eyes, makes me want to stop for a minute and appreciate that unique moment. It is rare to be checking your phone texts when you are on the way to a place you have never visited or facing a wonder that takes your breath away. Traveling teaches us to unplug, explore and discover new parts of ourselves. Waking up in a new, unexplored country incites excitement, making it nearly impossible to worry about the future or obsess about the past. The difference between experiencing every second of your life instead of dwelling on things out of your control is palpable and it’s a lesson that’s one of the most important to take back home.

3. Learned Not To Be Afraid

Personally when I first travel to a country that speak a different language, I was afraid of what people think of me and I had fear of failure. Failure will always happen, but instead of avoiding it, I’ve tried to adopt the mentality of A. not letting a fear of failing keep me from trying something new, and B. if I do fail, then I’ll deal with it and try to learn from it. Life is pretty boring without getting out of the box, I didn’t care if i messed all up but I was sure I was doing my best. So, get out there and forget about what people will think about you! Try to talk to other travelers, try eating that weird food you see in the showcase of a restaurant, jump from that bongee, buy that ticket to the beach you wanted to go long time ago, GO!!! and dont let fear of failure hold you back.

4. Helped Me To Be Organized

I have been about to lose my luggage and travel documents. Fortunately, I was able to recover them and lucky to not have lost that trip. The last time that happened to me, it was my passport and my travel camera, I felt so bad about myself that since that day I commited to a promise on never ever again left my stuff everywhere.

5. Helped Me Prioritize My Things

Getting out for a bit of what I normally do help me organize my mind, make better plans for my future and listen to what I want for my life and what Im seeking for. This is very good to get back in track.

6. Life’s Short, For Fuck’s Sake, Do What Makes You Happy:

Living new experiences day by day and meeting new people is something that fills me with joy. I count myself incredibly lucky that I haven’t suffered any major accidents, setbacks, or losses that have kept me from following my dreams.
Plenty of people around the world aren’t so lucky. Sometimes it takes a major event or tragedy to make you realize how short and precious life is. You have to make the most of it.


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