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Synchronize Your Vacation with a Cancún Swimming Competition

Performing powerful lifts & throws to music – without even touching the bottom of the pool – synchronized swimming is one of the most athletic sports in the world. See for yourself during the Abierto Internacional de Sincro in Cancún, May 18-22.RMMAY131Originally known as “water ballet” when it emerged on the world stage in the late 1800s, synchronized swimming is currently enjoying a surge in popularity – especially with the Summer Olympics right around the corner. Whether you’re on a team looking to compete, an avid fan of the sport, or just curious about its unique mix of music and aquatics, the 2016 Synchronized Swimming Open in Cancún is a great chance to see the best of the best compete before Rio.RMMAY132“Water is Our World”

Such is the motto of FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation, or International Swimming Federation), the organization sanctioned by the Olympic Committee that hosts competitions in all iterations of swimming, water polo, and platform diving. If your team or club hopes to compete in Cancún, it must be affiliated with FINA through a National Federation.RMMAY133Displays of Incredible of Beauty & Athleticism

Popular culture hasn’t always been kind to synchronized swimming, largely due to a lack of understanding as to the sport’s actual difficulty. As a marriage of swimming, gymnastics, and dance, it requires a huge amount of strength, flexibility, and breath control, as well as a graceful sense of rhythm. Something to bear in mind as you watch a performance is the fact that the athletes are never to use the bottom of the pool to support themselves during routines – even as they lift and throw each other into the air.RMMAY134