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The best routes and recommendations to run in Cancun

Hello, what a shame news about what happened this Tuesday evening in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, I was very dissappointed. I share this to all athletes this article about all the routes in which you can practice this activity. We can not avoid the danger but we can prevent it and be careful. So my recommendations are: not training after 6pm at any of this routes, go accompanied, notify a family member or friend where you will be and preferaly go at times where there is movement (usually this is in the morning). In this article I share other routes where you can run in Cancun and recommendations. 

Cancun is one of the most famous places throughout Mexico for its marathons, races, triathlons, water sports and competitions organized in hotels for their great seafront location and being a tourist place to play sports worldwide. If you are planning to visit Cancun and you like running, BINGO! Cancun is the place for you.

Running has always been my passion. Wherever I go, I run. In my years living in Cancun, I found which are the best routes to run in Cancun:

Hotel zone ( Zona Hotelera )


The hotel zone starts from km 0 to km 26, is a looong road in excellent condition with no holes or cars in the way. The best road for marathoners who want to train hard smoothly. You will have the chance to appreciate the beauty of Cancun hotels, restaurants, the lagoon, the beaches and the whole tourist area.

There is a clock in the Kilometer 0 of the hotel zone if you want to measure your workout time and the best, a gauge of kilometers will be at each KM on this avenue (Avenida Kukulkan). Hundreds of runners and cyclists are training where you can even join them if you can reach them! 😉 Not all of this road has sea view, if you really want to enjoy the beautiful beach while working out, you can start running in the KM 21 and appreciate some of the best sea views of Cancun, called ” Playa Delfines ” and at your right, golf courses with the best resorts in Cancun.

Malecón Tajamar


Running on Malecon Tamajar is a place to run 5 km, take your dog for a walk, skate, or jog slowly with your group of friends. It’s not so much to train for marathons or races but good for a good 3/5k run, also to take your yoga mat and meditate in front of the Nichupte lagoon. Some people just come to watch the entire Cancun Hotels at the distance from here. Just be careful with the cocodriles.

Kabah Park ( Parque Kabah )


Kabah Park is a place for runners who love to run in nature. It is a natural park that preserves its animal and plant species. Measures approximately 2.5 km inside the jungle, a curvy road to run or stroll. While you run, you can appreciate the big forest with trees around, coatis, monkeys and some animals that can not be seen much because they are tucked between nature. Within this park you can exercise in a small public gym located at the entrance of the park, some squats, pushups, sit-ups, etc. It also has inside with Mayan cultural aspects that represent the first people who lived in Cancun for those who love history and culture.

The beach


The beach may be the best experience for running in Cancun, see the crystalline waters, listen to your music exercise, tanning and exercising is a perfect combination. Ideal for having a good run and jump into the sea after a heated! There are some beaches that do not have enough space to run, primarily Cancun that features their hotels to the seashore. Beaches to run I recommend: Playa Delfines (many players and athletes train here from 7 in the morning because there are almost no people and space is huge for exercise), Playa Marlin which is located behind Plaza Kukulcan and Playa Forum (if you want to run on this beach I recommend you go as early as possible because it is the most visited beach in Cancun) located opposite the nightlife area (Plaza Forum).

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