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10 tours not to be missed in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya has been mentioned for many travelers to be a destination where there is always something to do! Most people know the Riviera Maya for Cancun, located 30 min away in car, to have turquoises beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, Mayan ruins, huge water parks, jungles and plenty activities you can do in the ocean or cenotes like snorkeling or diving. Don’t forget that Riviera Maya is part of Mexico and you can experience delicious mexican food and the culture of the mayan civilization. There is so much to do.. so If you want to make sure that Riviera Maya is a good place to spend your vacation you will not regret, I made a list of 10 tours you can not miss in Riviera Maya:

1. Visit Xcaret Park:

travel-inspiration-xcaretXcaret is a natural sanctuary for tourists that opens his door for the adventure lovers. Xcaret counts with underground rivers, mayan jungles and amazing night shows, you will be amazed by the flora and fauna that is preserved. For the mayans, this place was in its time a very important merchant port called Pole. At present, it has been converted in an eco-archaeological Park which offers their visitors a great variety of over 40 attractions and activities for everyone. Xcaret offers all the equipment for all the activities. Also, the big shops inside the park count with many souvenirs, basic personal items and pharmacy products while you walk inside the park. You will be able to connect to the Wi-fi in case you want to upload a picture to Instagram, Facebook or any social network you use (If you want to appear in Discovery Mundo Social posts you must tag #DiscoveryMundo in the description of your picture)! I recommend you to bring your towel to xcaret in case you don’t want to buy one there.  

2. Walk around the temples of Chichen Itzá

Chichen-Itza-GifYou can not miss to visit on of the seven world wonders. This is the most important city for the Mayan culture located in Yucatan 2 hours away from Cancun. There are some tours at the day with all included: food, transportation, walk through the mayan city, all the structures and the historical Cenote Sagrado. If you want to know more details about what is inside Chichen Itza click here.  There is another tour at night of Chichen Itza where you can see the Kukulkan structure alive with a light show and sounds “Chichen Itzá Light & Sound”, it opened his doors at the middle of the year 2015, this tour is available all tuesdays, includes food, transportation and visit from the afternoon until night at Chichen Itzá.

3. Fly over the caribbean parasailing in Cancun

Parasailing-cancunIf you are a lover of the adrenaline this is something you have to do. Parasailing in Cancun is a tour where you surround the cristaline ocean in the skies. This is a safe, efficient and comfortable tour that lasts 30 minutes and 10 of them flying, seems like not much but when you get there, it’s really worth! Parasailing in Cancun starts normally at a beach called Playa Tortugas, but if you are staying on a hotel, there are many starting points where the tour can be proceeded. First you get on an acuatic motorcycle with a driver to take you to a boat and then in about 1 km far you will start parasailing with a friend, your lover or if you want you can do it by yourself. A guide will teach you all the instructions and precautions.

4. Discover the underwater world of Cancun

Water-activities-in-CancunThere are amazing adventures to discover the underwater world of Cancun; such as snorkeling in the many beaches with colorful fishes, discover the underwater museum of MUSA located close to Isla Mujeres or the second largest barrier located in Cancun. You can do it by snorkeling or diving. Most of this tours include all the equipment, transportation and food so you don’t have to worry about that. There is also an activity called BOB Submarine where you can drive your own submarine deep in the ocean.

5. Explore Xplor Fuego 

xplor-fuego-1Xplor Fuego is a park that at night turns into a challenge that you never imagine. An extreme adventure on a fire theme with many activities to do: travel on the highest zip-lines of Latin America enjoying the caribbean starry skies, padle into the underground mistery caves, driving amphibious vehicles through the caves and plenty more things that you will surprise you there with the sounds of the jungle! Xplor Fuego All Inclusive includes all the equipment you need for the activities, food and transportation roundtrip to your hotel!

6. Tulum & Beach 

TulumOne of the most precious beaches you will ever see and the only Mayan archaeological site located in front of the ocean. In Tulum you enjoy paradise and culture at the same time. This is an ecological place to enjoy a relaxing vacation, fine restaurants at the seashore and starry skies at night. There is a special tour called Tulum & Beach where you are picked up at your hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya going to Tulum, meeting the archaeological site and enjoying the day at a beach club in Playa Zalzilkin. Get more information about Tulum & Beach here. 

7. Playa del Carmen

quinta-avenida-playa-del-carmen-quintana-roo-dosIf you are looking for the best nightlife, you must go to Playa del Carmen, located 30 minutes in car from Cancun. The best discos are in Playa del Carmen, if you are looking for the best music and international travelers you must visit Coco Bongo, Palazzo or Mandala. In Playa del Carmen is located the famous 5th avenue, a very long street surrounded by hundred of souvenirs, bars and restaurants. Many artists travel to Playa del Carmen to visit this street with the fun nightlife and the famous DJ concerts. Playa del Carmen tour counts with a visit to Playa del Carmen to visit the 5th avenue and a night in one of the restaurants, roundtrip transportation is included if you are staying in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera.

8. Enjoy the nightlife of Cancun

Cancun-Night-CLUBCancun nightlife is 24/7 on the best discos and shows, there is always fun and entertainment. For those travelers who love to dance, Cancun offers amazing discos of all kind of music. If you are the kind of person who ends up going to more than 3 clubs in the night you must think about Double Punch: Two of the best nightclubs in Cancun for an unbeatable price! Or The Bongo Tour: it will let you enjoy 3 of the best nightclubs in Cancun in one night, plus more than 6 hours with open bar!

9. Visit Isla Mujeres

12310445_860997453998830_8884203525980153270_nIsla Mujeres is an island located 3o minutes in a ferry from Cancun. If you are looking for a relaxed trip to a beautiful beach, Isla Mujeres is the ideal place and not just for its beaches but for the many flora and fauna that is here. There are many tours you can do that are not very relaxed but fun. Click here to see the best tips if you want to go to Isla Mujeres. 

10. Ventura Park

ventura park CancunVisit this amazing water park in Cancun located 10 minutes away from the hotel zone of Cancun, full of amazing activities such as riding the wild roller-coaster, go bungee-jumping, ziplines with amazing views, swimming with dolphins, waterslides, go-karts and plenty more adventures that you will loveee. If you’re a gamer, you have to go to the Underworld. There you can show off your skills with our high-tech games like, Laser Tanks, Virtual Reality Warfare, and our latest addition, the popular Star Wars Battle Pod. For Ventura Park Ticket information click here.

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