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Crispy Haus Cancun

Crispy haus is a foodtruck in Cancun that opens its doors all evenings. The food is delicious and offer an american atmosphere of the 40´s & 50´s. While you are eating, you will transform into a great time listening to music of the era. It is appropiate for all ages and if you have a special event you can reserve a special day with them.

What to eat?

I have ultimately been many times and I loooove it. My best recommendations are:

Butter Beer Butter-beer-Crispy-HausIt is well known in the Harry Potter books & movies for being a slightly alcoholic, “foaming mug that tastes” a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch! And it does but this one in Krispy House comes with no alcohol so don’t worry to let your kid have a couple Butter Beers at Crispy Haus! 😉

Crispy Fish and Chips Crispy-Chicken-and-Chips-Krispy-HouseA breaker diet choice! This dish includes delicious potato fries and breaded fish with your sided barbecue sauce.

Crispy Chicken and Chips 

A similar choice if you rather chicken instead of fish! 


The strawberry is my favorite one. It’s a Milk Shake with whipped cream on the top and a cherry. You can also ask for chocolate or vanilla. Strawberry-Milk-Shake-Krispy-HouseCrusty Corns

If you love sweet this is a great choice. They are sweet crusty corns with milkmaid or caramel inside. The chefs are very cool so If you like both, they can give you half and half!Crusty-corns-crispy-haus

Opening hours?

Monday to saturday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.


Crispy Haus Christmas Edition

Where are they located?

Ave. Yaxhilan Mza. 12 Esq. Ave. Coba SM 25, 77509, Q.R. There are many ways to get there. Public transport or an airport shuttle is recommended if you are in a hotel of Cancun.