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Why december is a great time to visit Cancun?

Why december is a great time to visit Cancun?

Visiting Cancun in December is one of the best choices you can do. I spent my last 3 Christmas and New year’s Eve in Cancun so I decided to write this article for all those travelers who are considering spending their holidays in Cancun with family or friends.

As you know or I guess you have heard, Cancun is one of the best tourist destinations throughout Mexico; you can enjoy the best parties, archaeological sites, tours or if you are looking for a little more relaxing holidays, you can enjoy the Caribbean beaches and the infinite variety of services offered by the hotels and resorts.

These are the reasons in my experience of why December is a great time to visit Cancun:

1. The weather

Let’s start with this important point. All year, seriously, Cancun has hot days over 30 degrees Celsius, especially in Summer. I really love the warm weather to go to the beach, but not too much. Cancun is a very humid place, maybe I sound exaggerated but when it’s summer and I go out for a walk, I’m already sweating in 5 minutes.. (I don’t like that much) That is why december is my favorite month of the year; temperatures are cool and pleasant, not cold or too hot for a day at the beach, sometimes it rises until 28 degrees celsius and at night it drops to 8 degrees. No storms!!

A perfect day in Cancun for this month is: A day at the beach with my fav beverage, a lot of sunscreen playing volleyball with friends or family and a night in a club like Palazzo or Mandala!

2. It’s a perfect destination to spend Christmas and New Year!

If you think Cancun is not the place to feel the family atmosphere these holidays, it’s completely untrue! Cancun offers Christmas dinners and shows at hotels and Restaurants in the Hotel Zone; the good thing is they already have prepared packages for those days and prices are not expensive. I saw Christmas dinners at Hotel Riu in Cancun are beautiful with sea view and Titanic enviroment.

But if you are looking for something more crazy and fun, Cancun offers concerts by famous artists and shows at the nightclubs of Cancun!

So if you want to reserve any of those packages for Christmas or New Year, do it with anticipation, not the same day because prices might rice and everything will be already occupied. (happend to me once)

3. December welcomes the bull sharks

If you love aquatic animals and diving, TARA! Bull sharks spend their holidays in Cancun. It may sound very scary, I haven’t tried diving with them but all the time I’ve dived in Cancun makes me wanna swim with sharks this december! If you have not dived and want to try for the first time this experience there are many diving tours where you can see the underwater museum “MUSA”, coral reefs and hundreds of colorful fish in the sea.

4. It’s a great time to meet tourists from around the world

December is a month where most of all people travel around the world and Cancun takes big place. You will find Asians, Europeans, Americans, Canadias and many more tourists from all continents! If you want to have fun with international style I recommend visiting the Palazzo nightclub, this is where many hotels offer packages for tourists for being a very fun and extravagant disco!

I have already told you my reasons of why December is a great time to visit Cancun! Do you have any suggestions or comments you would like to share? You can comment below and I will gladly answer, I would love to help and talk to other travelers! 🙂

Happy Holidays!