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High Roller Cancun

Located at La Isla Shopping Village Cancun and with 60 meters tall you can have a beautiful view of its hotel zone. It has joined to a selected group of cities around the world with the same exact attraction to enjoy a urban landscape: London, Paris and Vegas.

The big wheel is built with the latest Dutch technology and has 42 glass viewing pods for up to six people. When you enjoy the ride it takes 25 minutes operating at day and night. An experience you will enjoy from the skies watching the stunning vistas of the Caribbean, Nichupte Lagoon and the Hotel Zone.  

La Isla Shopping Village is set to expand and the High Roller will be moved eventually to the second phase of the shopping center which is under construction right now.

High Roller Cancun is ready to receive 3 million visits per day. It is ensured that in case of hurricanes in Cancun between May and November of each year, will not be a problem cause it counts with a contingency plan to guarantee the security of the users. It was inaugurated on March and now it is open to the public, complying with all safety requirements. The director of civil protection send 4 supervisors that reviewed the structure on every detail, in order to determine the viability it’s your operation.

We have heard or seen pictures of a high roller like the one in Cancun but with an enormous difference that at day let us observe the beautiful Nichupte lagoon with a crystalline color and on the other side the beautiful Caribbean Sea with its water turquoise color such characteristic of Cancun, on the other side if you decide to be part of this experience at night the view is incredibly joyful with the lights of the mall and the awesome hotels around the area.

“La gran rueda de Cancun” looks  to be without doubt in the indicate place, corroborate cause Cancun falls in love with anyone.

How much does it cost to go on the high roller?

For locals: 99 pesos ( Showing Official ID )

Nationals: ( The price is unknown for the moment )

Foreigners: ( 19 USD )

How long is the ride on the high roller?

Depends definitely where you stay but for example from the hotels near the center of Cancun the ride takes 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to get transportation click here!

How long does it take to go all the way around the high roller?

25 minutes

Important Facts

  • The project, to be known as Gran Rueda Cancún, or Big Wheel Cancún, will be similar to the Chicago Centennial Wheel, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and the Baku Wheel in Azerbaijan.
  • The Mayor of Cancun, Remberto Estrada Barba, described the wheel, as a “new world-class attraction that will soon become a must for the visitors”!
  • But it turns out that construction began without an approved environmental impact assessment. The firm had requested an exemption from that requirement from the federal Environment Secretariat (Semarnat).
  • But after evaluating the construction methods to be utilized the agency notified the firm in January that it could not be exempted because the wheel was to be erected in a coastal environment.
  • The Environment Secretariat also notified Profepa, the environmental protection agency.
  • In spite of that construction of the wheel has continued and is now 90% complete.