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Spectacular Weekend in Cuenca, Ecuador!

Knowing Cuenca, it is possible with wit and patience. Cuenca, a World Heritage Site, is one of the most tourist cities of Ecuador. The basic recommendation for any visitor who wants to have a Spectacular Weekend in Cuenca, Ecuador! Is being informed about the things to do in Cuenca and the main attractions and be clear about what to do in Cuenca.

Cuenca offers a multitude of options for a good weekend: art, history, nightlife, adventure sports and incredible contact with nature … and more!


On the way to Cuenca one of the main attractions is the Cajas National Park, 30 minutes from Cuenca. There’s the Toreadora lagoon, is one of busiest in the area, ease of access, it is entered by the kilometer 31 of the Sayausí-Molleturo route. In that place there is a shelter with laundry service ranger, information point and an interpretive center that guide visitors on this journey of three hours, with two paths:
– The first runs through a forest of Polylepis (paper tree) through the San Luis to the United Nations and the Toreadora gaps.
– The second Totoras gaps and Potoquinuas. Both spots show their natural beauty and is home to deer.

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CUENCA, ECUADOR, 01/11/2012; Laguna La Toreadora en el Parque Nacional del Cajas en Cuenca, Azuay.( Foto; Edu León/ MITUR)

CUENCA, ECUADOR, Laguna La Toreadora in the National Park of Cajas in Cuenca, Azuay.

On the way you will find 15 restaurants serving trout. The signature dish is the ceviche of trout, whose preparation is bittersweet and is accompanied by fried plantains. Worth USD 4.50. The park has 235 lakes, 152 birds and 145 species of flora. Access is free. You’ll find hostels, restaurants, bars and cabins. You can camp and go fishing, make bird watching, extreme sports, among other things.

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The road to Cuenca are many curves in mountains with mist if it is cold, with a beautiful landscape. The average trip lasts about 3 hours.


To explore the city on your arrival, I recommend you visit:
– The impressive Cathedral of the Immaculate (New Cathedral)

– The Rio Tomebamba, great place to walk, run and enjoy.

– The Plaza Abdon Calderon, is located in the center of the city.

– Del Sagrario (Old Cathedral Beautiful), I really like the paintings of the Old Cathedral. Outside the cathedral you can take a double floor bus Where can you do see the Most Important places of the city of Cuenca.

– Mirador de Turi, a place that can not miss on your visit to Cuenca, allows a panoramic view of the whole city, its churches and its colonial beauty! Also you can enjoy different adventure activities, only for $1 dollar per person.

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– The ruins of All Saints, is a very interesting place to visit as it is by the river where you can stroll and enjoy the story. A highly recommended place!


I recommend you to try, some delicious typical ice cream of Cuenca (Mixx Gourmet Ice Cream), located in a place near the central park in San Blas. The park itself is worth visiting, right, is where this traditional ice cream parlor is located. The ice creams are prepared in a gourmet – handmade, very original and quirky flavors; flavored liqueurs and great cocktails. The place is a bit small, lacking tables and the service a little slow, but very good!
Also, you get options to add more ingredients such as nuts, chocolate, etc … of course with an additional cost of 0.50 cents each extra ingredient, ice cream start at $ 1.50 a simple cone, increasing in cost if you want to cup or want more flavors.

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If you like dancing, the night life in Cuenca starts at 10pm and ends at 2am, early compared to other places. On my visit, I went with some friends to a place called LAOS. The music is super good, with a drink and entry into full pay $ 15, you can order something else clear, it depends on you. I highly recommend to conclude your Spectacular Weekend in Cuenca, Ecuador!

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Tips if you travel to Cuenca:
– Take your camera with you at all times, the best of Cuenca are the beautiful scenery!

– A tourist map of the city, can be useful to get safely to the different attractions. There are areas like Long Street and the La Merced, where cheaper accommodation centers are located. These spaces are located near the historic center.

– To reach the tourist sites, which are at the center of the city, you can do it by bus. If you prefer a taxi, tell the driver to use the meter. The minimum fare is worth USD 1.14.

– Be sure to wear comfortable and warm clothes. Also comfortable for walking shoes. The climate in Cuenca variates: sunny days and cool night. If you’re planning on camping, be sure to bring everything you need for the trip, extra money and remembers going early in the mist.