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What Makes Cancun Special for Living

Cancun is an incredible paradise for tourists. But I have been 4 years here and all I can say is one of the best choices I could ever done. Like in everywhere there are pros and cons and if you know how to take advantage of where you live, I wrote this article of what makes Cancun special for living:

1. Environment

I want to start to mention this before anything. The opportunity of living in the Caribbean is a great choice. Cities without too much contact with nature may get you a little tired, too much traffic and stress all the time. People in Cancun are so much in contact with sea and nature that it helps a lot to clear the mind and make us feel happier.

2. Job opportunities

If you are a chef, doctor, engineer, dentist, psychologist or any other profession, you got it! Foreigners from Canada, Europe and United States travel all the way to Cancun to be assisted by professionals. This is because the cost is 8 times lower than in their own country, specially for doctors. If you are a chef or you would like to get into the tourist area, there is a big demand for people to work in hotels. Even if you have never work and want to start your laboral life, you can get a well paid job in a hotel of Cancun.

3. Languages

If you live in Cancun, I bet your English has improved since the day you came. Living here with constant coexistence with foreigners makes you to practice a lot English and other languages like French, Portuguese or Italian. You’ll also love to learn from other cultures and traditions.

4. Activities

Just to give you a quick list of activities to do in Cancun: beaches, snorkel, dive, skate, day pass at a hotel, tours, cinemas, parties, sports, theaters and many more. There are all kind of activities for everyone except for snow and ice skate.

5. Study abroad

Cancun is a good choice to study college, specially for careers about tourism and gastronomy. This schools are excellent for learning the best cuisines in the world with French & Canadian Chefs, other languages and opportunities to work in other countries. Some schools offer special programs for students who want to work and study at the same time!

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