Choosing what to eat when you travel is a very important focus. Even before buying the tickets and places to stay, I usually take a look of the typical food need to try. But because I can’t spend all the time or budget on food, it is important to prioritize. The best is to try the new things that take you in the moment and remind that taste nowhere else in the world you can find it, so I made this list of the 10 things you must eat in Paris:

1. CroissantsCroissants-in-ParisWe all love that delicious smell of a warm pastry. o when you visit France, try eating as many croissants you can get in your hands. They are perfect for breakfast and a great snack any time of the day. This makes my stomach rumble! Paris is full of places selling croissants, almost every corner. Some suggestions are: Erick Kayser, Gontran Cherrier, 1 4 3 RDT, Lemarie & Maison Grégoire. If you want to try one of the favorite elections choose the croissant au beurre, is made with pure butter and usually long and straight.

2. ChocolateParis-ChocolatesThe French have transformed the chocolate to art, so it is in Paris that you are going to find the highest concentration of chocolate shops. This is a great chance to treat yourself sweet with the most intense tastes of chocolate in the world. Hot chocolate in Paris is also a real treat. Suggestions to find the best chocolate: Henri Le Roux, Le Chocolate Alain Ducasse, Jacques Jenin, Pralus & La Maison du Chocolate.

3. FalafelFalalel-parisThis is something you will find listed in every guidebook of the foods you must try when visiting Paris. Tourists love Falalel, that’s why you are going to find crowds of people at the falalel restaurants. If you want to combine it try it will french fries on the side. The neighbourhood, the traditional Jewish quarter of Paris, is full of falafel joints, they run like a machine. Best Falalel: L’As du Falafel.

4. Praline BriocheBrioche-praline-parisPraline Brioche is a rich yeast bread made of egg and butter. The pink things are chocolate covered hazelnuts. The pink is just sugar coating the nuts. Get this snack while you are in Paris and you won’t be dissapointed!

5. PizzaPizza-parisIf you spend a dinner out in Paris, for that budget you can probably buy a round-trip ticket to Naples and have all the world-class pizza you could ever want.. but because of the security and turbulence, I will suggest you some good places you can eat delicious pizza in Paris: Da Vito, Maria Luisa, Pink Flamingo, La Briciola, Pizza Chic, Al Taglio & Mama Pizzeria.

6. Caramelparis-caramelThere’s no better way to sweeten your taste with a caramel. If you have to pick only one place to do your caramel shopping, go to Jacques Jenin. You can take some gifts for your friends back home, they will love it!

7. Paris-BrestPastry-ParisParis-Brest is among the most selling dessert in the pastry shops of Paris. The favorite selection is the wheel-shaped choux, made with praline buttercream and sprinkled with caramelized almonds. Who makes the best? La Pâtisserie des Rêves, Jacques Genin, Boulangerie Bo, Le Moulin de la Croix Nivert & Sébastien Dégardin.

8. Macaronsmacaroons-parisMacarons are a must in Paris. Of all the mouthwatering French pastries, the little round macaron is still one of the most popular ones. Suggestions: Ladurée, Pierre Hermé & Gérard Mulot.

9. Cheesecheese-parisParis is the top gastronomic hit of France. And you can start by trying taste your way through each region’s stars, from the mildest to the sharpest cheese. You can try these different platters or dine on dairy delights at specificaly cheese restaurants. Of course you can match these with wines, chutneys and charcuterie. Best cheese bars and restaurants: La Vache dans les Vignes, L’Affineur Affiné, La Coop or Chez Hisada.

10. Duck ConfitPollo-ParisThis platter was first created to preserve fresh duck meat for future consumption. Some Parisians cook their own, but most prefer to select the best chef. Best place to eat Duck Confit in Paris is Chez Dumonet.

¡Bon Appetit!

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