If you are a coffee lover, you must know these 16 different ways to drink coffee around the world:

1. Buna, Ethiopia

coffe ethiopia

It’s not just a drink, but an act that involves roasting the beans, grind, the brewing and serving the coffee.

2. Cuban Coffee

cafe cubano

A concentrated coffee, no milk and sweetened with sugar. If you want to get step by step how to drink it, commment below!

3. Cafe Yuang

Coffe Yuang

A delicious mix of coffee and cold tea!!

4. Frappe Grecia

Frrappe grecia

Made with instant coffee, evaporared milk and ice water. It’s not a glamorous frappe, but is definitely delicious.

5. Pharisäer, Alemania


Coffee with ron and whipped cream! There are several legends about the origin of the name, but basically.. yum yum…

6. Flat White, Australia / New Zealand

purple mose
This is like a coffee latte with condensed milk, with one or two shots of espresso, and about 180 ml of milk (normal lates contains about 220ml).

7. Espresso Romano, Italia

Expresso romano

An espresso coffee served with a slice of lemon. The lemon is rubben on the edge of the cup, the idea is that the acidity of the lemon enhance the flavors in the coffee.

8. Cafe Bombon, Spain

Cafe españa

An espresso with condensed milk. If you want to order it half normal milk and half condensed milk, then it’s called “Milk and Milk”

9. Café au lait, France


Much more sophisticated than a latte. It comes with an accompanying hot froothed milk.

10. Cafe de la Olla, Mexico

cafe de la olla

The exquisite “Café de la Olla”, traditionally prepared in a clay pot. This coffee is made with cinnamon and brown sugar.

11. Turkish Coffee, Turkey

cafe turco

Served thick and strong. It is super important for the Turkish culture that Unesco included it in its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.

12. Cafe Lagrima, Argentina


Light and frothy, first the steam milk is heated creating a foma and then adding a tear of coffee.

13. Vietnamese Coffee Latte / coffee with egg yolk


Recipes vary, but the basic ingredients are egg yolk + condensed milk + sugar + coffee. The result is rich, as a dessert.

14. Café des épices, Morocco


A mixture of spices, sesame seeds, black pepper and nutmeg (although this depends on the seller, etc.) is mixed with coffee beans and ground, to create an aromatic and potent brew.

15. Kohi Kan, Japan


There are a number of companies producing Kan Kohi (canned coffee) in Japan. It is available in corner stores and in vending machines. It is served warm in winter and cool in summer.

16. Kaffeost, Finland


Traditionally it served in Kainuu, central-eastern Finland. A cheese called juustoleipä served with coffee. The cheese is cut into small pieces, placed in the bottom of the coffee cup and then poured on top. After drinking coffee, cheese eaten with a spoon.

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