One of the best activities in the Riviera Maya is to experience the amazing cave activity of Xplor, an underground world to have fun, you can’t miss this unique adventure.
© Marion Lee

There are two ways to take this tour. From the day, surrounded by trees and caves you can discover the huge rock forms. At night, you can enjoy this experiences surround by torches of fire, fireflies and stars iluminating the caves, roads and bridges.

It is said that long time ago an asteroid of 10 km of diameter fall from the atmosphere to the Yucatan Peninsula. It formed a new era and created different forms of life. Since then, different little formations created beautiful forms made of stalactites and stalagmites that decorates the underground of Xplor.© Marion Lee

Xplor is a huge park where you can find ziplines, amphibious vehicles, swimming in the underground river, walk in the caves and huamacuatizaje (which means flying over the jungle in a hammock).

All of this activities are 100% adventure and you will have the experience of your life, surrounded by nature.

For energy recover, there is a palapa of fruit smoothies. There is also a buffet with many elections of dishes to choose.

Get ready to watch the sunset from the heighs, to feel the adrenaline and discover the jungle.

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