Long time ago, pick pocketing was the spank of many cities around the world. The skilled thieves practiced their tricks by stealing valuable things of the victims with no one around noticing. This is how everything started when the crooks cached up clothing accessories very easy to steal. Then, men and women were frightened and started tying pouches inside their clothes to avoid the temptation of the thieves. Over time, pickpockets adapted to this and learn how to inadvertently extract stuff from the trouser, waistcoat, and jacket pockets alike.

Up in the 20th century, the american crooks started mastering the craft. Many pickpockets joined such as kids willing and able to form part of this crime that took years to perfect. By time, the main object to steal became wallets so tourists rather avoiding cash.

Pick pocketing has been a major problem in Europe. Actually, this has turned really bad in some popular attractions.
Many police departments declare pick pocketing as a very common complaint. But for the victim, creates a lot of worry and time to get their wallet stolen, thinking what goes inside it. 

To avoid finding yourself in this kind of abuse, you must take some precautions that will incredibly reduce the call of the thief. In this post, I provide you expert-backed tips on how to avoid getting pick pocketed:

1. Watch out with scamspickpucket1

Thief can play different roles:

  • The dropped cane: A handicapped person will fall something to the floor in front of you waiting for your distraction.
  • The angry couple: Two people start fighting and talking loud calling attention of the crowd. When they don’t pay attention, that’s it.
  • The helpful stranger: A friendly person will come to you for help cleaning some lint in your jacket, he can make a trick or have a conversation with you while another person joins the talk; then a third one takes advantage of the hoopla by stealing your wallet.
  • The grabby children: While a beggar is chasing you to sell something, children clutch at your clothing.
2. Know Where Pickpockets Like to Workpickpucket2

There can be pickpockets everywhere, but there are some specific places where they are mostly located: Tourists attractions, tourist transportation, restaurants, bars & hotel lobbies.

3. Don’t look like a touristpickpicjet-3

This doesn’t mean you have to wear exactly like the locals, but you can try not looking like a tourist with a lot of money. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or watches and maps appearing like you don’t know where you are.

4. Keep a daily budget

If you bring all your money it will obviously attract the eye of the thief. Try avoiding this and keeping a specific amount of cash for what you are doing that day.

5. Secure your backpackpickpucket4

Backpacks and other bags are the hit of the pickpockets. This is because they are not touching your body and it’s easier for them to take it or place their hand in your stuff. In case you are, you can put your valuable things at the bottom and keeping your bag in the eye all the time. If you are in a restaurant never ever place it in your back or feet.

6. Never put your phone on the table when you are eating

If you are of those who always need to see their phone while eating be aware that pickpockets are targeting you. When they see one, they’ll swoop in as a team, one guy acting as the distraction (selling flowers, newspapers, candy, etc.), while his accomplice grabs the phone.

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