Guanajuato is a very cultural destination in Mexico. A beautiful town surrounded by mountains and village houses. If you visit Guanajuato for the first time, you will be enchanted. There are many things to do, I recommend to walk because the town is very small and you can walk around easily. If you are planning a trip and you don’t know the city well, the first thing to do is to find where to stay and how to move from the airport to Guanajuato, Gto. The first time I came I easily find transportation to the town by 2 buses and a taxi, which cost me around 25 USD. But if you are traveling with someone, the best way is to book an airport transfer. You save money, time, travel safe and get pick up from the airport straight to your hotel or home door.

Then get ready to know the city charm and lovely spots of Guanajuato. This are the best things to do in Guanajuato:

Visit the Mummy MuseumI didn’t know they where real until I enter to the museum of Las Momias de Guanajuato. The museum offers history of different mummies from hundred of years ago, each has a story of how they died and you can observe their petrified bodies. From old to very young bodies and incredible, scary stories. There was an old woman who was petrified alive for a disease that gave her for dead but she revive inside the coffin and trying to get out she died with her arms over her head looking desperate and anxious to get out of the grave. I didn’t take a picture of her. Take a look at some of the other ones.

Visit a TheatreThere are many theatres in town! If you like entertainment and art you can go to Teatro Principal, the biggest one from the outside close to La Plaza. They have performances every week and specially on Fridays.

Visit the Alley of the KissFind the street of the Alley of the Kiss. Apparently, two young people lived across the alley from each other and although the girl’s father forbade their relationship, they were in love and continued to see one another. The streets are very close that they could kiss in secret.  The story has a tragic ending, but if you go to this alleyways and stand on the red step and kiss your significant other, you’ll have 7 years of happiness.

Go shoppingThe streets have many shopping locals. You can find every kind of handicrafts for presents to your loved ones, candies and clothe stores. They don’t have a normal shopping stores that you see in any mall, but typical artifacts from the town! The most important market is Mercado Hidalgo, vendors set here to sell everything from fresh fruits to cheese and meat.

ChurchesThere are numerous churches and cathedrals in and around the city center. The vibrant yellow Basilica de Guanajuato dominates the main plaza, while the San Cayetano is located out near the mines. The Templo de la Compañía is considered one of finest examples of baroque style in Latin America.

Taste the food

Soy Meat Burguer

The food in Guanajuato is delicious and it has very affordable prices, except for the coffee. You can find many local restaurants in every street. From chinesse to mexican and healthy restaurants. If you are a coffee lover you are going to find many coffee shops. In the main Plaza close to the Cathedral, you can find a coffee shop that offers different flavors of coffee: vainilla, mocha, mint, caramel, etc. If you want to located it just look for the wood walls and door!

Visit the librariesGuanajuato has many cute libraries around with shelters. If you want to relax you can read for free, they offer many books from different subjects, I discover that’s what people like to do here, read and relax, mostly students. You can also bring your computer! Don’t forget 50 pesos for a beverage.

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