This article is dedicated for you to be careful when you travel with Discovery Mundo and you can easily find your driver when you get to Cancun Airport, or it will also help you if you decide to travel to another airport when you book your transfer with Discovery Mundo.

If you want a detailed experience on how to travel with Discovery Mundo and skip this article you can watch the next video:

The Scammers of the airport are pirates that want to steal money from you and do not want you to take the service that you payed, a lot of times they want to cheat on you and tell you your transportation will not come, that they left, the van broke and even they say that the company will give you a refund.. Which is not true if you read on our terms and conditions.

You have to be very careful with this scammers so they don’t cheat on you.

Who exactly are this people?

Pirates are people that are at the airport selling illegal transportation, they confuse travelers, sometimes saying that there was a problem with the purpose of you buying their transportation. You can’t trust them so if anything happens don’t forget to call to one of our numbers:

  • toll-free
    1 (866) 238-1312
  •  whatsapp
    +1 (786) 238-3845
    Call from other countries:
  • United Kingdom
    44 800 011 9894
  • Cancun
    +52 998 980 0345
  • Mexico
    +52 55 4161 4826
  • rest of the world
    +52 998 980 0345

Where do you find this people?

This people are found right next where you pick up your bags or before exiting the terminal door. Depending on the airport. In Cancun Airport how you see on the video, they are after picking up your luggage. There are many companies right after the exit door and reps walking with uniforms convincing the people to go with them.

Why you should be careful with them?

Because I don’t think you want to waste your money, and if you already did your reservation with Discovery Mundo, the service payed will be the best! Never pay anyone at the airport, if someone is trying to confuse you… Call us immediately to one of our phone numbers.

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