Disappear in Art at the 3D Museum in Playa del Carmen

Redefining how we interact with artwork, Kurt Wenner’s world-famous 3D Museum of Wonders in downtown Playa del Carmen welcomes visitors to an immersive wonderland where touching & photographing exhibits lies at the very heart of the experience.Museum in Playa del Carmen 1The largest “illusion museum” in the world and first-ever in the Americas opened in February of this year, right here in Riviera Maya. Housed on the top floor of Plaza Pelícanos in the heart of downtown, the Playa del Carmen 3D Museum of Wonders redefines the very concept of an art gallery, inviting guests to interact, photograph, and actually become part of over 60 pieces of jaw-dropping artwork.Museum in Playa del Carmen 2What Makes it 3D?

Every exhibit at the museum is the work of world-renowned American street artist Kurt Wenner. Inspired by his time as an illustrator for NASA and love for renaissance paintings, he singlehandedly revolutionized the art form known as “three-dimensional pavement art,” or “trick art” in the 1980s.Museum in Playa del Carmen 3 The concept is rather simple: employ shading, colors and perspective to create an optical illusion of depth and immersion. Couple the style with camera phones and social media, and you have a recipe for the next big thing in art – especially considering the fact that it upends every stale notion you might have of museums in general (look but don’t touch, no photographs, etc).Museum in Playa del Carmen 4Take the Best Pictures of Your Vacation

It’s hard to believe that here in paradise some the best pictures you’ll take are in a museum – but it’s true! Where else can you capture pics of friends and family trapped inside a bubble, surfing a monster wave, high atop a towering wedding cake, or seated at The Last Supper?Museum in Playa del Carmen 5

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