In this article I will show you some interesting facts about the world’s famous city of Amsterdam.

1. The Majority of the land of Amsterdam is below sea levelYou probably didn’t know about this, but the lowest point is about 6.7 metres below sea level.

2. There are more bikes than people in AmsterdamThere is no better way than the bicycle to experience and explore this fabulous city. Also this may be probably why one of the most stolen items in Amsterdam are bikes. Around 100,000 bikes get stolen per year.

3. Locals like to eat dinner on the doorstepsOr also on streets, specially on summer season.

4. Don’t go to a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, go to a cafeBecause coffeeshops means licensed sellers of cannabis products.

5. English is the city second official language

Almost everyone can speak and understand English in Amsterdam.

6. Amsterdam offers a diverse palett of hotels

And if you are staying in a hotel in Amsterdam, you can find your airport transportation right now.

7. The world’s oldest stock exchange is in AmsterdamIt’s believed that London has the oldest for being established in 1801, but Amsterdam was in 1602, very old!

8. Amsterdam was originally a fishing villageIt was founded as a fishing village around the thirteenth century. Only few medieval buildings survive today, like the Old and New Churches and the Houten Huis (Wooden House) at the Begijnhof.

9. Locals don’t use blinds or curtains in their houses 

When you walk around the city, specially at night, it’s shocking to see so many street level houses with big windows fully illuminated which doesn’t have any kind of privacy.

10. There are 165 canals These waterways add up to more than 100 kilometers or about 60 miles. The Seventeenth-century canal ring area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010.

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