Journey to the Chimborazo volcano.

We started our journey From Guayaquil. Our driver took us to the lodge Eternal Spring (Hosteria Eterna Primavera).

The road was covered with fog during part of the journey and had many curves also, some passengers seasick or gave them the famous “mountain sickness” well known here as “Soroche” which is when they are low pressure. The change in vegetation looked again and suddenly felt a nice cold that refresh the group of passengers.

After breakfast at the lodge, which consisted of milk, scrambled eggs, coffee, juice and bread served with jam or butter. It is considered to have a light breakfast because the road has too many curves and it can make feel really bad.

Once we pass the Sangay National Park we knew we were within minutes of seeing the Chimborazo Volcano, the highest volcano of Ecuador at 6,268 meters above sea level and if it’s measured from the core of the earth, is the point farther from the core of the earth.


Once we got Chimborazo National Park visitors have to check in at the checkpoint on the road and can get very nice photos in which the distance will see the imposing volcano.

Then you climb to the refuge located at 4,000 meters above sea level, there is a journey to a lagoon and you can see the tombstones and poems in memory of people who died here. Even a week ago they found 3 frozen climbers who were lost in 1993.

The November 10, 1993, an avalanche buried the Chimborazo to 10 climbers, more than 5000 meters, the event was considered the worst tragedy in the Ecuadorian Andes. Seven of the victims were French.

According to the investigations and forensic anthropological examinations, three citizens were identified as Vinueza Paulo, Rodrigo Silva and Christian Munchmeyer. They have suffered an accident that left multiple fractures that caused his death. Last Saturday, the remains were recovered by the Intervention and Rescue Group, after the notice you received the National Police about the discovery of the bodies.

I sincerely believe that there is nothing nicer than being literally on top of the world either on a volcano or a mountain, because these natural spaces show us things nice and majestic things that we have as heritage of humanity and that we should preserve and respect to endure for all eternity. This places show you an internal peace and relaxation that you will need to find some day.


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