Where do Air Balloon comes from?

Brothers Joseph-Michel and Jaques-Étienne Montgolfier were the pioneers of hot air ballooning. On the 4th of June of 1783, they succeeded in elevating a spherical bag made of linen wrapped in paper of 11 m in diameter, 800 m3 and 226 kg full of hot air, travelling 2 km for 10 minutes, reaching an altitude of almost 2,000 m. In 1783, a first manned flight was made reaching a height of 3280.84ft.

One of this balloon is big as a house. It’s such a imposing object! Now imagine being surrended by 800 hundred of this balloons moving to the horizon slowly.

Leon International Balloon FestivalLeon-Festival-globos4Leon International Balloon Festival 2016, is performed November 18 to 21, 2016 at the Metropolitan Park in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico. It is the most important aerostatic festival in latin america; offers to the world admirable shows of Mexico with plenty aerostatic colorful balloons.leon festival de globosThis festival gets really popular that more than 400,000 people assist and enjoy this spectacular performance. The balloons comes with different shapes during 4 days.

This balloons are directed by recognized pilots. The show comes with many activities during each day such as concerts, concourses, exhibitions and a gastronomic area. Many participants assist to the festival from different parts of the world: United States, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Brasil, Argentina, etc.

The aerostatic ballons are made by nylon or poliester and covered of polieuretano impulsed by a gas mass and the heat.

There is a “Box” in the metropolitan park to bring the balloon to their origin place.
Many persons like to sleep in the festival and rent a tent to sleep there. You just need to have all the papers they ask to get it. Remember to bring yours cause they will not give you one. If you got a vehicle, you will have to pay the parking.

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