New Year’s Eve in Ecuador.

In my country the end of the year is a time of peace, but it is a different kind of peace is where they come new opportunities, it is a new beginning. It is common to see children playing with artificial lights in all parts of the country, young people of all ages use fireworks, I do not share at all and that disturbs many animals that live in cities and even in our homes, there are dogs and cats, but gradually combating these issues. It is common to spend these times with family and friends also meet to drink and discuss stories from the past, see families dancing, eating together, playing several activities are occurring in Ecuador. Many people have different ways of celebrating the New Year, for example eating twelve grapes and representation of each of the months of the year and make a wish for each grape, wear yellow underwear also say this because it attracts good luck and and there are several examples that we currently do not remember exactly.

Quito, 29 Dic (Andes).- Una de las tradiciones en Ecuador para despedir el año viejo es la elaboración de monigotes que representan a personajes que han hecho noticia, los mismos que seran quemados el 31 de diciembre a las 12 de la noche llevandose consigo todo lo malo del año que termina. Foto: Danny Mera/Agencia Andes.


 Most families are in their homes and organize parties but there are other families traveling to celebrate the long-awaited dates to escape from stress and everyday routine. It is normal to burn effigies of all kinds, there are puppets cartoon medieval gladiators, athletes, politicians, all these can be found in all sizes. There is a street in the city of Guayaquil where you can tour and see all varieties seem endless, this is March 6th Avenue where all the characters are so fashion and are no longer in fashion is seen, puppets for Children are the most excited to visit this place, you can also make the purchase of fireworks at this time are those that adorn the sky Ecuador with its lights and colors, but certainly pleasant this date is that you feel an atmosphere of joy everywhere, because it is held in the same week of Christmas where you can also see a sky with fireworks in smaller amounts. fuegos artificiales On the beach it is not so different than in cities like Guayaquil and Quito, on the beach families and friends gather to burn puppets a little before 12 pm in the sand so you can see a large species of fire and sky bathed in fireworks would not hesitate a second to spend New Year here with our loved ones and I think that Ecuador is one of those countries where being in family is very important not only at this time but always, what feels most comfortable in that atmosphere of family, usually at this time is normal eating pork or turkey with various salads, various kinds of rice, drinks, nibbling. In Ecuador is difficult to hold a specific date without food, it is almost impossible and I think that’s what I like about my country. Whenever I write about my country because I think seriously nice to be living here and I hope that people who read this also feel attracted as I am.

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