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Corporate culture mindset of Discovery Mundo

I write this article on inspirtation to the Company that I have been working for years. I will talk a about how our culture mindset is.

Each culture must be unique into create one, but I have observed many great cultures. By looking at those elements I can now differentate a culture of an organization.

On my experience, Discovery Mundo has a great vission statement that I would like to share with you! These turns into purpose and value. That purpose helps to every team mate for making the right decision: when it comes to display with authenticy and good statement which can help to orient customers, suppliers and others.

What defines our culture?

1. Our individual and team behaviors impacts the workplace, creating values. This is the core! While the vission persuade a company’s purpose, values take us to achieve our goals and purposes. Discovery Mundo values might be best articulated by their famous phrase, “We Rise by Lifting Others”. And while many companies find their values revolve around a few simple topics (employees, clients, professionalism, etc.), the originality of those values is less important than their authenticity.

2. Our Team norms are established with all the members of Discovery Mundo. The manager of the team or the team’s champion is included in the discussion and must all agree to practice our guidelines, like:

  • Work hard and accomplish every task given.
  • Comunication.
  • We show transparency on our work.
  • We are genuine with each other about ideas, challenges, and feelings.
  • We trust each other. Have confidence that issues discussed will be kept in confidence.

3. Our Team is always making decisions and trying to get results! It might be stressful when making important decisions. But Discovery Mundo wants to make the right decisions, but to get ahead of the game, it is a necessity!

4. When you successfully create a connection with your customers and employees, many of them might stay loyal for life, and you’ll have the chance to increase your effectiveness while building a solid foundation of marketers. At Discovery Mundo, this vission and mission statement, is “The Great Joy of Living”. I believe it is a good statement that doesn’t only spread optimism, although with uplifting customer talks, newsletters and emails, it’s hard not to crack a smile. 🙂 So we never loose sight of the vission and mission.

I believe it is very important to keep this points on our mind all the time, our culture defines who we are and I’m glad to be part of this incredible team!

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