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How to get to Isla Mujeres

Last update on April 6th, 2019.

Hello, how are you? it is great to see you are going to read this article. I decided it is important to write about one of the most visited places in Mexico. Isla Mujeres is visited daily for hundreds of travelers. So, if you are flying to Cancun soon, this is a quick guide that will help you get to Isla Mujeres.

1. Check your flight terminal

The first step you must do is check the terminal where you’ll be arriving. Have your documentation ready, suitcases and take a picture on the airplane to show your friends you are in Cancun! Most international flights arrive at terminal 3 but some airplanes park at terminal 2. Be sure to review your flight information. If you have book transportation, you will meet your driver at the exit door holding a sign with your name and the logo of Discoverymundo. Remember to bring your luggage and be careful with the scammers that can sell you fake transportation and tours on the way to the exit. If you booked with Discoverymundo, here is a quick guide on how to travel with Discoverymundo to your hotel, destination or resort.2. Get to Puerto Juarez Dock

The next step is to get from the airport to Puerto Juarez Dock, located 30 minutes away if there is no traffic, usually on weekends at late hours there is traffic and probably takes about an hour to get to the Dock. You must book an airport transfer in order to travel quickly, safe and save money. There are many types of services you can choose for transportation.

Economy Service

This service is the cheapest that offers luxury and comfort. The type of vehicles is Sedan, Jetta or similar. Each vehicle fits for 3 passengers, 1 small bag and 2 large bags. It is equipped with air conditioner, bilingual driver and the price is only $34 USD with all taxes and fees included. Minivan Service

This is a top service reservation. Travelers choose it a lot. Its a minivan vehicle, Volkswagen or similar. Offers luxury, comfort, and space up to 8 passengers, 2 small bags and 2 large bags. The price is $38 USD with all taxes and fees included. It has a bilingual driver and air conditioner inside the vehicle to avoid the hard weather in Cancun. Here are some pictures. Van Service

This service is in a Toyota van vehicle or similar. Very luxury and welcoming in Cancun. A bilingual driver guides you to your destination in Puerto Juarez and we can provide a car seat if needed. Also, there can be possibly an extra stop on a grocery store for 5 minutes. The capacity is up to 8 passengers, 10 small bags and 10 large bags. The price for van service is $34 USD.

Minibus Service

This service is in a Mercedes-B, Sprinter or similar. A bilingual driver, extra 5 min stop, and car seat if needed. The capacity is for 17 passengers and 17 bags for $68 USD all taxes and fees included. The price is $38 USD.

Premium Service

This service is a luxury suburban or similar equipped with air conditioner for 5 passengers, 2 small bags and 2 large bags. It has a bilingual driver, air conditioner and it is in a brand new model. The price is $76 USD with all taxes and fees included.

Once you get to Puerto Juarez Dock, you must buy your roundtrip ferry tickets quickly or get them online for only 24 USD. Every ferry departs every half an hour and is available for any date and any time! If you want to avoid trouble and delays, you can buy your airport transportation and ferry tickets at the same time online.  If  you book with Discoverymundo, you will receive a confirmation email with all your flight information and the driver will take you in a private vehicle, also he will deliver the ferry tickets to you on the way to Ultramar. The ride from Cancun airport to Ultramar is very comfortable as you talk to the driver any questions you want to know about Cancun and once you get to Puerto Juarez, you will see the new bridge built with publicity of Ultramar “EXPERIENCE INNOVATION”. On the right is the parking area for cars that want to go to Isla Mujeres and return. The driver that is with you will help you to bring down your luggage and take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. Feel free to take a picture of your trip to Isla Mujeres and tag #Discoverymundo on Instagram/Twitter or Facebook!3. Enjoy Isla Mujeres

There are plenty of things to do on the island. Beaches, hotel resorts, bars, restaurants and tours that you will enjoy in your vacation. If you want to know some tips when going to Isla Mujeres. Once you get from the ferry to Isla Mujeres, where you can get a taxi at the street or a golf cart. There are guides you can ask and talk. At the island, you will see many rentals for moving in Isla Mujeres. This dolphin represents a very popular tour in Isla Mujeres, the Dolphin Royal Garrafon VIP & Royal Swim; a tour of unlimited fun, adventure, and privacy. Isla Mujeres has unique programs prepared for those adventurers.

Dolphin Royal Swim VIP

It is described as the most dynamic program. What makes it different from the other programs is the famous foot push, where two dolphins lift you with your foot and you feel to start flying. Also, two dolphins will pull you across the crystal water as you hold on to their dorsal fins and many activities at this program you can enjoy!

Royal Garrafon & Swim Adventure

It is a great program for the whole family. There is entertainment, activities, and dining. You have access to VIP drinks and international food. In addition, the exciting program includes the belly ride, boogie push and your kiss, hug, and dolphin song.

RT Ferry Tickets to Isla Mujeres

The best thing to prepare everything before traveling is that you don’t have to buy anything more. So I would say get your ferry tickets now because they are a priority of the list. If you want to get to Isla Mujeres on time and skip the lines at the ferry dock, an official representative at the airport will deliver your tickets at the same time you book your transportation with Discoverymundo.

4. Return to Cancun

The return from Isla to Cancun is at the ferry terminal in Isla Mujeres, if you have a pick up to the airport in Cancun, you must be on time 30 minutes before meeting with the driver. If you are stating in a hotel or location, you must get a taxi at the streets in Isla Mujeres to the ferry port on time. Or if you rented transportation in Isla Mujeres, be prepared to be on time in Ultramar Puerto Juarez in Cancun, every ferry departs every 30 minutes. 

Puerto Juárez (Cancún) to Isla Mujeres:

  • 5:00 am FIRST FERRY
  • 11:30 pm LAST FERRY

Isla Mujeres to Puerto Juárez (Cancún):

  • 5:30 am FIRST FERRY
  • 12:00 pm LAST FERRY

Note: If for some reason your flight is in the morning and you have to be very early at the ferry port you probably are going to have to travel to Cancun a day before for your pick up and stay in a hotel because the first ferry from Isla Mujeres leaves at 5:30 am. 

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