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The Ultimate Guide to Cancun for Female Travelers

The Ultimate Cancun Guide for Female Travelers

Every year, thousands of female travelers, young and old, come to Cancun to have a beach vacation. I am sure you want this vacation to be worth and unforgettable: enjoy the cristaline beaches, hotels at the seashore, nice restaurants, party until 4 am and great activities that in Cancun you would love to do. The main tourist area in Cancun is a safe place. I did this ultimate guide to Cancun for Female Travelers with helpful tips, things you can do and places you can visit when comming to this paradisical place, all of this is focus on female travelers:

Don’t spend all your money in a resort:


Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas

I think is better to book a low cost hotel than paying a lot of money for a resort because Cancun offers a lot of things to do and you are going to be most of the time outside. In this Cancun guide I recommend you to book in the Hotel Zone. My recommendations for good service and low budget hotels are: Holiday Inn Arenas, Real Inn, Hotel Sotavento and Yacht Club, Calypso Hotel Cancun, Hotel Cancun Clipper Club, Mayafair Design Hotel and the Grand Royal Lagoon.

Visit Isla Mujeres: Isla-Mujeres-ZiplineIsla-Mujeres-BeachIsla-Mujeres-Golf-cart

This is another great place for this Cancun guide, the Island is located 13 kilometers away from Cancun, to get there you must take a ferry in Puerto Juarez dock. This is a paradisiacal island because it has white sand beaches, water sports, the tour riding all Isla Mujeres in a golf cart and for the underwater museum where you can snorkel or dive. Tickets to Isla Mujeres costs about 15 dlls roundtrip, the ferry ride is great if you sit at the roof watching the ocean view and listening the music they play at the ride, it takes about 30 minutes to get to Isla. At night there are some beach bars and discos that you can go.

Scuba Dive:Diving-Cancun

Cancun is one of the best diving destinations in the world. If you have never dive before you are going to the right place, hundreds of beautiful reefs and color fishes are underwater, I love diving in Cancun cause the water is very clear and you can see long distance underwater. There are special diving packages for beginners, the first class starts in a pool and then you go to the ocean after knowing everything to dive correctly and safe. Scuba-dive-cancun

Nightlife: palazzo

Nightlife in Cancun is amazing. The discos are numerous and each one has a unique style. Depending on what kind of music you want to dance you will find it. In this Cancun Guide I recommend for female travelers “Palazzo”. I had a great time there, people from all over the world and great night shows. This is a glamorous club with pop and electronic music where most young travelers around the world go. Normally hotels with big groups of travelers invite them to Palazzo for its great atmosphere.

Playa del Carmen: coco-bongo

This is an ideal place for Female Travelers who want the most fun of all places close to Cancun. Here is located the famous Fifth Avenue: hundreds of bars, shopping stores and restaurants. If you want to bring souvenirs for your friends back home, you will find everything in the 5th Avenue. The best nightlife is in Playa de Carmen, Coco Bongo is the most famous for having artists and night shows, very fun and entertaining! Some other clubs are very nice on the seashore with famous djs.

Visit Chichen Itza:Chichen-itza-girlchichen-itza

You can not miss to visit one of the 7 wonders of the World “Chichen Itza“. It is the most famous Mayan archaeological site in Mexico for its history and constructions built by the ancients. There are several tours in the daytime where you can observe the pyramids, the culture and visit the cenote. Every tuesday at night, Chichen Itza Light and Sound offers a night show on the principal buildings of this site.