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Cancun’s Best Karaoke Bars

Cancun is an ideal place to party any day of the week, being a tourist destination and the most visited in Mexico makes the possibility to enjoy any activity you are seeking.

IMG_0100For me, I love music, karaoke and especially since I stepped in Cancun, my goal was to find the best Karaoke citywide. Going out every weekend to a different karaoke, some dissapointed me because I sang every half hour and ended singing 2 songs until dawn, others were karaokes show where you had to dress up like an artist with cool music to dance all night and the type of karaoke that i like where you could sing all kinds of genres with a good enviroment and some drinks.

I’ll tell in my very experience Cancun’s Best Karaoke Bars:

Karaoke at the Four Elements in Hotel Xbalamque10407242_1425407174400117_2043902056972848826_n

Actually, this is the best karaoke I’ve ever gone, I met it until two years after living in Cancun. My family and I loved it so much that we ended up going every weekend without fail. The style of this place is based in Mayan culture, you have to enter through the hotel lobby and then find a sign that says 4 elements.

The music is excellent, the atmosphere is relaxed but fun for every guest. I recommend you to order some delicious alitas with drinks.

The dj is super fun! The microphone has an excellent sound and I loved it so much that I could ask for 10 songs and I could not miss anyone!! You see people from all over the world enjoying the singing and dancing. I really like also that at least between each 5 songs the DJ plays music for dancing ALL kind of music: salsa, reggaeton, bachata, jazz and even tango! When it comes to dance or sing, do not forget your camera and get someone to record the show because you on stage will be unforgettable! (Airport Shuttle to Xbalamque Hotel)

Acoustic Piano Bar & Karaokefondotablets

Acoustic Piano Bar and Karaoke is located in front of Plaza las Americas at Plaza Solare, it´s very easy to get there. Defined to be an elegant karaoke bar, but fun. You can reserve a table in advance to have your spot if you go on the weekend because it is the one that fulls the most of all Cancun! To me what I like about here is the sound when you sing, the music for dancing and sometimes that you can appreciate some piano artists with singers. You can also ask the waiters for its menú, they offer there nachos, fries, drinks, etc. or you can bring food from the restaurants around, I highly recommend you to get an order of sushi Chowa.

When going to Acoustic Bar & Karaoke, do not forget to bring your ID!

Show Time 1

Show Time is the ideal karaoke to go with all your friends or your family! Ask for the songs you want and you must be mentally and physically prepare to dress up in colorful wigs and hats while singing on stage, you definitely have to dance! It is a show you can not miss ..

While spending the night, we recommend ordering a large saucer botanero and drinks for all!

Pancho & Willyshires

If you want an elegant, exclusive and fun karaoke.. overlooking the lagoon and most importantly in the center of the tourist area of Cancun (Zona Hotelera) I would strongly advise to go to Pancho & Willy’s! It is the most famous for all international tourists. The setting of this place is very nice and elegant, not as Mexican as the others but if you want to enjoy with your partner classical, rock music and dancing a little rock & roll this is the place for you. (Airport Shuttle to Zona Hotelera in Cancun)

I hope this article is helpful to you! Do not forget to leave your comments below, I answer every question or doubt. Thank you!


Pancho & Willys Lagoon Sunset