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Things to do in Cancun this Summer 2017

Most of the year Cancun weather is sunny with high temperatures, specially from June to September. That is ideal for enjoying the stunning beaches and aquatic parks of Cancun. But also there are many other things to do in Cancun for summer.

Cancun brings together gorgeous natural settings with first class accommodations and the archaeological Mayan sites that rich our culture. Here I’ll show you a list of things to do in Cancun this Summer 2017:

Swim with Whale sharks 

This stunning animals come to Cancun on the first days of June. There is a specific area where you can swim with this creatures and you have to take a boat to get there. You can also find some stingrays and turtles swimming around. The Whaleshark tour takes you to this area where you will enjoy the snorkeling with this animals for 3 hours and visit Isla Mujeres for lunch.Visit the stunning beaches

Cancun has the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico. The turquoise colors are amazing and you can enjoy many activities at the beach: volleyball, kayak, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surf and more. Best beaches are: Forum, Delfines and Marlin. Also if you head to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel by ferry, you will be enchanted.Chichen Itza 

It’s important to visit Chichen Itza if you come to Cancun for the first time. One of the world wonders that is full of misteries and culture. The Mayans used to predict the natural events with their intelligence and creations at the archaeological site. Every Tuesday, Chichen Itza features a 3D mapping projection, dramatic lighting and amazing images! Check out Chichen Itza Light & Sound.Visit Tulum

Tulum is a beautiful town 2 hours from Cancun. It has beautiful beaches and the only archaeological mayan site in the seashore. Tulum Beach is the perfect option for those wishing to visit the famous ruins of the ancient Mayan culture and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean at the hotel zone of Tulum, to relax and swim in the turquoise blue Caribbean ocean. Enjoy the nightlife

In the km 10 of the hotel zone of Cancun is the nighlife zone, full of great bars and discos. My recommendation is to visit Mandala Beach at the day or Coco bongo. Coco Bongo is probably the most popular nightclub for Cancun tourists to visit and has been established for many years. The shows are amazing and have to be seen at least once. There is a special package for Coco Bongo hereVisit Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island of nature, resort hotels, snorkeling and scuba diving coral reefs. Is located 30 min from Cancun. You must get there by a boat or ferry. You can get your ROUNDTRIP ferry tickets here


Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza this 2017

On the sunset of May 21st 2017, it can be observed in the nort side of Chichen Itza Castle an incredible spectacle, that marks the beginning of spring equinox.

The Calendar of solstices and equinoxes, the equinox of march 2017 takes place on the 20 at 10:29 UTC. This means that the right moment of the spring equinox in Mexico is on March 20, 2017 at 4:29.On the sunset of 21st 2017 is when the phenomenon of a snake solar projection is seen. Seven triangles of light, as a result of the shadow that project the nine platforms of that building, when the sun stares.

To start, the first shadows of the top part of the pyramid start to project the form of a snake.

In this magical moment Kukulkan serpent descents for the stairs of the pyramid of Chichen Itza castle.

The pyramid has 4 stairs of 91 steps, each one to form a total of 364 steps! Step number 365 is considered the superior platform such as the days of a year. Thousands of people assist to this event when the serpent descends of the steps. This is a place that must be visited at least once in your life. The equinox can also be observed on the 19, 20 and 22 of March 2017, but it is not the official day.

Tours for Chichen Itza with transportation included:

Chichen Itza Regular:

  • – Round transportation with AC
  • – English/spanish speaking guide
  • – Entrance to the archaeological site
  • – Guided tour at the archaeological site
  • – Entrance to cenote
  • – Buffet lunch in a restaurant with typical food from the region

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Chichen Itza light and sound:

  • – Roundtrip transportation
  • – Guided tour in Chichen Itza
  • – Buffet dinner with typical food from the region
  • – Free time at Chichen Itza
  • – Light and sound Show

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Private Tour Chichen Itza:

  • – Buffet lunch with typical food from the region
  • – Drinks on the van
  • – Bilingual guide
  • – Entrance to the archaeological site
  • – Entrance to cenote
  • – Stop at valladolid

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Chichen Itza limo:

  • – Continental breakfast
  • – Lunch,
  • – Drinks on board of bus
  • – English/spanish speaking guide
  • – Entrance to the arqueological site
  • – Cenote and panoramic visit of Valladolid

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Tips for visiting Cancun

If you visit Cancun, there will be a lot of surprising activities and things to do. When arriving to Cancun International Airport, getting to your hotel will be faster and easier in a transfer. This will help you to avoid delays and extra payments that are higher at the airport. DM-Airport-TransferBook your transfer!

Cancun hotels and resorts offer many activities to do inside. The difference vary by which hotel you are staying, some have more water sports, other better pools with games, spas, beach bars, etc. There are also specific hotels specialize on spring breakers, families or adults. 

But there are other activities that are not included even in the highest resort, most of the time you have to pay for those and wait for availability. These activities are: Scuba Diving, Chichen Itza, Cenotes, Tulum & Beach, Whaleshark Discovery, Xelha, Xcaret, Xplor, etc. Tours-in-CancunBook a tour

Isla Mujeres is a famous island in the Caribbean Sea located 40 minutes from Cancun. I have traveled many times, so I recommend this tips before going to Isla Mujeres. To get to Isla Mujeres you must take a ferry, a big yellow boat with a lot of cool atmosphere and an incredible view of the Caribbean. Ferry UltramarGet your ferry tickets!

Cancun is famous over the world for its nightclubs. Cancun at night has something for everyone. This means fun and entertainment is versatile: dance clubs, bars, restaurants, live music bands, DJs and exciting live shows. Coco Bongo is one of the hottest shows located in the heart of Cancun Hotel Zone. More than 40 actors, musicians, artists and flying acrobats on the stage!Coco-Bongo-CancunGet your pass!

Chichen Itza is today one of the World Wonders and was the most important capital city of the Maya area in the Classic period and the beginning of Post Classic. Tours to Chichen Itza allow you to discover all the archaeological area, meet the civilization and the incredible history of the city. At night, Chichen Itza offers a show in the Pyramid of Kukulkan full of moonlight, music and special light effects hosted by the ancient spirits that captivate your eyes and soul.Chichen-Itza-light-and-sound Book Chichen Itza Light and Sound!