Chichen Itza was built in the year 525 a.C. It is not possible to explain the dissapearance of the Mayan civilization. Some says for the Spaniards conquest, epidemics or droughts that left the city alone with an incredible history and structures. The main structure “Kukulkan” represent honor to Quetzalcóatl, the god of cultivation and land.

There are hundreds of mysteries hidden in the city. Archaeologists from over the world travel all the way to Yucatan to explain how the Mayans built those pyramids, how they lived, their predictions and intelligence.
There are many mysteries in Chichen Itza:
1. The Equinox in Chichen Itza represents a snake in the pyramid of KukulkanChichen-Itza-Equinox
 During spring and fall, the equinoxes in the afternoon are ideal to admire at Chichen Itza. The sunset light transform the pyramid into a snake reflection descending from the pyramid. Click here to assist to the fall equinox in Chichen Itza
2. There is a cenote located below the pyramid of KukulkanChichen-Itza-Cenote-below-pyramidThe Mayans constructed the pyramid over a cenote, which means they believed in religion. Many sacrifices, ceremonies and offerings where made in the sacred cenotes such as this and others located in the city.
3. Human remains and valuable artifacts are found in the cenotes of Chichen ItzaChichen-Itza-Cenote
 Mayans used to make sacrifices into the cenotes. Explores found also relics that were burried many years ago, principally in the biggest one “Cenote Sagrado”. Some of these cenotes are closed for visitors, but there are many around the Yucatan Peninsula. Want to try swimming in a cenote? Click here to see what it feels to jump into these big hole of water!
4. Mayans left us seven propheciesMayan-profecies
 Explorers found a message written in stone with seven prophecies that are going to happen these times that we live in. Some of them already happen and other where unreal. Mayans built the structure “El Caracol” to predict all the astronomical events like these. They predicted the “codex Dresde” that every 117 twists of Venus marked every time it appears in the same sky, the sun suffer strong alterations, big spots or eruptions of solar wind.
5. Step and clap in front of Kukulkan pyramid to hear a bird chirpbird-chirp-chicen-itza
 When you step in front of Kukulkan on a certain distance you have to clap to hear the sound of a quetzal bird, a very pretty bird that forms part of the mayan culture.

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