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Chichen Itza Spring Equinox 2016

Chichen Itza Spring Equinox 2016

An equinox is an astronomical event that happens when the sun is positioned directly over the equator. The word “Equinox” has a meaning which is “Equal Night”.. that is because on the EQUINOX the night is EQUAL IN LENGHT TO THE DAY. It occurs twice a year, around march 20 and september 23. The day when the spring equinox happens mark the end of winter and beginning of spring.
Each year thousands of pilgrims and curiosity seekers travel from all around the world to Yucatan to watch this phenomenon.

How it works?Equinox-Chichen-1A man hold a crystal above his head as he and over 15 thousand people congregated in front of the famous pyramid at Chichen-Itza, Mexico to celebrate the arrival of the Equinox signaling the beginning of Spring. The famous Maya ruin is popular at the Equinox when the serpents back shows on the side of the stairway that leads to the top.
At the exact time of the equinox a play of light and shadow creates the appearance of a snake descending in the Pyramid of Kukulkan or also named as “El Castillo”. This shadow snake is composed of seven or so triangular shadows. The sinking sun seems to give life to the shadow which takes a look like it is moving. CHICHEN-ITZA-QUINOX-2If you have a car you must take advantage to see the equinox light in Dzibilchaltún, another archaeological site, where the sun aligns directly with the main door of the Templo de las Siete Muñecas.

Spring Equinox Tickets to Chichen Itza

The days to see the equinox are on March 20, 21 and 22. To get your tickets to Chichen Itza on the Equinox you must buy a normal day tour, some of them include transportation and food. Here is a list with our tours available to see the equinox:

Chichen Itza Regular: Roundtrip transportation from Cancun or Riviera Maya + tour + lunch.
$64 USD adults and $43 USD infants.

Chichen Itza Sky Luxury cruiser: Roundtrip transportation on a luxury bus from Cancun or Riviera Maya + breakfast on the bus & drinks + tour + lunch.
$94 USD adults and $69 USD infants.