Not many travelers head to Cancun, Mexico in search of their next great delicious meal. (The next great margarita, however, is another story.)

But leave it to the food lover of myself haha, to discover the authetic typical and local food in Cancun, Mexico, where travelers like you can immerse themselves in the local scene, too much delicious food & one meal at a time.

Cancun has a huge number of restaurants worth a visit!!! In Cancun the typical food is from Yucatán because we are located a few hours from the Peninsula. Something that is tradition from mexican food is the accompaniment of rice and tortillas, so it will not be strange to see most of the local restaurants in any state of Mexico with those accompaniments. Here’s a list with the Truly Local Restaurants in Cancun:

1. El Pocito:

The great thing about this place is that it keeps the quality of their food. The Menu of El Pocito is based on typical food of Yucatán, it is what most people adore for its variety and taste. All dishes are delicious, you may not know what to decide when you see the menu, but anything you order will be the best choice. Prices vary from $5 to $7 Dolars with the dish and the drink. Of course that the most chosen dishes in El Pocito are the favorite of the clients: Queso Relleno, Los papadzules, La longaniza asada and Relleno Negro. Here are some pictures of some of the dishes in El Pocito:

El-Pocito-img-1 El-Pocito-img-2 El-Pocito-img-3 El-Pocito-img-4Where: 31 Norte Lte 23 Mz35, Sm 63, 77513 Cancún, Q.R.
Tel: 01 998 252 2654

2. Quekas:

Quekas are all around Mexico and Cancun can not be missed. It is a restaurant of quesadillas and sopes: a traditional mexican dish made of tortilla and melted cheese. This is ideal for a day that you are very hungry and you want to eat something fast; they cost 13 and 15 pesos each (less than a dollar). Your order will be ready in less than 5 minutes. The great thing about Quekas is that you can observe how the chefs prepare them and you can put any salsa you want on them! But be careful with the green salsa because it is VERY spicy!!!! here are many ingredients you can choose: Cheese, Chicken, Mushrooms, potatoes with chorizo, meat, chicharron prensado, huitlacoche and rajas poblanas.. my favorite are mushrooms and chicken quesadillas with an orchata drink, the total cost for that whole lunch is 3 dlls for the rest of the day!!!


Where: KM. 3.5 Mz 30 . Local 6, Boulevard Kukulkan, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.
Tel: 01 998 849 5957

3. Los Tarascos:

Try the best tacos in Cancun at Tarascos! Do not worry for the time you want to go because they are open until midnight in case you want to eat some tacos after partying in Cancun. They are located 5 minutes from the hotel zone in avenida Tulum 3 corners before Hotel Oasis Smart. They have a lot variety of mexican tacos such as pastor, gringas, queso fundido, alambres, etc. They have delicious drinks to share with your order of tacos: micheladas, beers, aguas frescas, etc.


Where: Av. Tulum, MZA 13 LTE 01, SM 4, Benito Juárez, 77500 Cancún, Q.R
Tel: 01 998 884 8707

If you are looking for the typical local food, there are many places that you will see almost in every corner in Cancun just like in other parts of Mexico; food like tacos, guisados, tortas, etc. Resuming all of this, traveling around Cancun and seeing the opinions of my friends and travelers this are the best food trucks of typical food in Mexico that you will just find in specific locations:

4. Chila y Quil:

Chilaquiles are a mexican dish made of tortilla with cheese, sour cream, onion, salsa and any meat you want. The best chilaquiles of Cancun are from Chila y Quil. They are located in avenida Tulum in front of hotel Oasis Smart. There are many chilaquiles orders you can have: with beans, mole, egg or in a torta. The prices vary between $3 to 5 dolars with a drink. Opening hours are from 8 am to 4 pm, chilaquies for breakfast are recommended.

chilaquil-22 ChilaQuil-11

Where: Av. Tulum Lote 18-19, Smz 20, 77500 Cancún, Q.R
Tel: 044 998 578 7267

5. Doña Flor Salbutes y Panuchos:

This are delicious cravings from Yucatán State. They are made of maíz (corn) with beans, egg, guacamole, onion, salsa and the meat (it can be chicken, red meat, beef, etc). The best place to eat Salbutes and Panuchos is at Doña Flor. The food truck of Doña Flor is located in the center of Cancun, at Avenida Lopez Portillo and Avenida Kabah. Delicious mexican food that you will want more!!!! 

Where: Av. Lopez Portillo (Av kabah), Cancún, Quintana Roo, México

6. Venez:

What it was once a hamburguer truck became one of the favorite restaurants for Cancunenses! Venez has the most big, delicious hamburguers and hot dogs made by venezuelan. Venez is located in Plaza Amandala on avenida Las Torres, they open 24 hours from monday to saturday and sundays from 3 to 12 pm. I recommend you to order the combo of a hamburguer with potatoe fries and soda for 59 pesos! (approximately $3.5 dolars)

Venez-1 Venez-2

Where: MZA 41 LTE 2 Plaza Amandala, SM 523, 77535 Cancún, Q.R.
Tel: 01 998 802 4496

Well, that is for the Truly Local Restaurants of Cancun, Enjoy!! And spread the delicious love.

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