People who live in this thrilling city will say a New York minute is a Hong Kong second, if you are visiting this giant city it will not be hard to see why! Hong Kong is full of energy. Your travel list will be huge with shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, bars, landmarks and skylines that must be photographed. You will see thousands of markets at streets to explore and get lost in, also boats and ferries to ride. To do everything or almost, will be a challenge but first of all, there are some things to do you can’t miss. Whether you are visiting Hong Kong for the first time or the 20th, here are 10 things you can’t miss in Hong Kong.

Hike the Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong is the city of shopping malls and skyscrapers, but there are also many options for hiking. The Hong Kong most popular portion for hike trail is the Dragon’s Back. At the top of the hike you can see all around: beaches, bays, verdant countryside, waterfront communities and the South China Sea! The shortest version of this hike can be completed in less than two hours, though you could extend it to six hours if you want to start from Happy Valley and make your way south.

Relax in the Park

Hong Kongers love getaways to the beaches, islands and the countryside. But also there are green spaces to enjoy in the city. There are rock gardens and green areas where hong kongers enjoy their tai chi or just read.Victoria Park is the largest green space on Hong Kong Island and it has some recreational spaces to practice soccer, basketball, swimming, lawn bowling or tennis. They say the prettiest is Nan Lian Garden, 35,000 square meter with Tang Dynasty style. The parks are very easily for via transportation.

Go the beach

Less than an hour from the city center, you’ll find some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches, which can be reached by taxi, boat, or public transportation. Unlike many beach destinations, Hong Kong is home to many different types of beaches, so there really is something for everyone, from surfers to families to party animals.

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Shek O is undoubtedly one of the most popular options, along with stretches of sand in Stanley and surrounding Repulse Bay. For a more secluded experience, head to pristine Tai Long Wan on the eastern coast of Sai Kung Peninsula, considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Hong Kong.

Have Breakfast at a dai pai dong 

The dai pai dong restaurants has almost dissapeared today, with only a few remaining. This are good cheap meals in Hong Kong. Given that the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is not renewing any dai pai dong licenses, it’s a decline that seems destined to continue. You can eat at a dai pai dong for any meal, but the best dishes are typically served for breakfast. The best dai pai dong locals are: Sing Kee, Sing Heung Yuen and Leaf Dessert.

Escape in a Junk Boat

This is a very popular activity for locals by renting a “junk”, term used to apply to Chinese fishing boats which now refers to a water vessel for leisure. But any visitor can also be part of this tradition.

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These rides takes about 7 hours with food and open bar. If you are staying in a hotel you can consult for the best rates.

Visit the street markets

In Hong Kong’s lively street markets, there is anything you could ever want to buy! Ladies Market is home to more than 100 stalls of clothes and accessories and the Temple Street Night Market has infinite watches and noodles. If you head to Cat Street, you will find antiques, Apliu for electronics and great sneakers at Fa Yuen Street. There are other markets dedicated for flowers, goldfish, birds, jade, kitchenware and more.

Visit the Historic Temples

Appart from how fast it has become modern, Hong Kong is home to historic religious sites. Man Mo Temple is the oldest in the city, it is dedicated to the Taoist gods of literature and war.

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Also the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is where 500 life-size golden Buddhas sit on either side of the 400 steps you climb to reach the temple. Inside the main temple, there are nearly 13,000 gilded ceramic statuettes, even more than the temple’s name promises.

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is the most popular in Hong Kong and it has plenty to see with 18,000 square meters dedicated to the three major religions in China: Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

Get to know the art scene 

If you have hear about Hong Kong reputation, it’s said that everything is commerce and not culture at all. But today the city hosts an Art Basel show every year at spring. You can also find art in the elements of the hotels and restaurants. There are some galleries of local artists where they set up in areas like Chai Wan, Sai Ying Pun or Aberdeen. If you are looking for historical Chinese works, go to the Hong Kong Museum of Art that has more than 15000 objects.

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