Traveling in Buenos Aires

I was in Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Guayaquil Airport, where I was waiting to take the next fly to Quito, to take another one to Buenos Aires, Argentina, denominated “The City of Fury” (La Ciudad de la Furia), by Gustavo Cerati because this city never rest. In Guayaquil on weekend you can do a lot of activities from culture to sports, until 3:00 AM, in which hour everything is fishing.

I took a cap from Ministro Pistarini de Ezeiza Airport to go to Palermo, which had cost around 400 PESOS.

I had also the opportunity to travel around in Bus, cap, and Subte which captivated myself because a could travel appreciating the art of young musician like Johnny Wulf a young man who play de Saxophone with his friend a guitar man, they play Swing, Jazz, Blues, and other musicians that play Tango, in my country is not easy to see this musician in the streets so I was amazed by this. I had also the opportunity to go to my first Lollapalooza, a music festival that’s only given in five countries of the world which are Germany, E.E.U.U., Chile, Brazil and Argentina.


Hotel & Hostel Circus.

After two days in Lollapalooza I stay in a very nice hotel, it coasted around 12USD per day (the cost for shared room) in San Telmo, the Hotel & Hostel Circus, include breakfast and night tickets for different activities. Breakfast is made of milk, coffee, juice, fruits, bread, and other little things.

The rooms are very clean, air conditioned and calefactory, in the lobby you got a pool table, sofas to get rest and watch TV, and outside the pool, good music and a refrigerator filled with beer make a good spot to relax. In the Circus Hotel the service was great from the staff, in reception, Bruna Finí from Brazil, Nadia Pamplone from Argentina and Sebastian Pesantez from Ecuador, they made a very enjoyable my stay.



I can say that I miss Ecuadorian food, but food in Argentina was great too this is the place to eat meat.

When I woke up the next day, I walk from Circus in San Telmo to Caminito, a very visited place by many people, well known in Buenos Aires, where you can enjoy a meal and a Tango show, buy many little things or presents from Argentina.

I went to Boca Juniors Stadium and I saw a restaurant across the street, everything was made on the grill, meat, chicken, potatoes, vegetables and it was great and cheap.

And I can say I ate the best pizza ever, I don’t know if it was the best pizza because in Argentina they’re half Italian, but it was great.

Argentina was filled of beautiful women, I’ll never forget that, but I’ll really miss the art of musicians in the streets, in the Subte, in a Plaza, or in San Telmo Festival every Sunday, where you can find antiques, clothe, shoes and food.

All that I’m going to say is that was a nice travel, and everybody in Buenos Aires was very kind, and I’ll go again very soon.

argentina street

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