Whale Sharks in Cancun

Now that the winter is ending, you have time to book a tour to swim with Whale Sharks! The season starts in May and ends in September.. Most of this Whale Sharks are located in Holbox and Contoy, two islands very close to Cancun. 
Swimming with Whale Sharks is a unique opportunity that you can experience in your vacations.Whaleshark-tourWhale Sharks are the biggest fish in the world, they can measure up to 12 meters long. They can seem huge and scary but Whale Sharks are harmless and calm. When you swim with Whale Sharks you can get very close to them and appreciate this amazing creatures. They are recognized for their circled white spots and pale horizontal and vertical lines. Because of this, they use to be named “Domino Sharks”.
The Whale Shark swims with its mouth open, close to the surface that it can easily eat plankton while swimming; then it closes the mouth expelling all the water from the body leaving just the plankton in the mouth.

Fact: The mouth of the Whale Shark can be up to a meter and a half when it is opened.

Tour for swimming with Whale Sharks: You can book many tours to swim with Whale Sharks, leaving from Cancun in a ferry from Punta Sam to Isla Mujeres. Also you must know that Isla Mujeres is a sanctuary of thousands of wild species like dolphins, pelicans, turtles and other exotic species, so when you get to the island you will have a lot to do. You can learn more about the tour by clicking here, or contact our tour operators by phone: 1(866)238-1312 TOLL FREE

Remember: If you would like to swim with Whale Sharks there is nothing to be afraid of, they just eat plankton and they do not hurt people. You will enjoy a lot this amazing experience and you will never forget it.. never!!!Whale-shark-ADDLike this post? Share it on Facebook!!!

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