An exclusive and detailed list of what to do in Baños, Ecuador.
Baños, Ecuador is one of the best places to visit in all Ecuador.
If you are planning to visit this incredible place next to the Amazonas and surrounded by Andes Mountains, I promise you will not regret.
First of all is very important to have all prepared before your arrival so you don’t miss a place where to stay, transportation and the amazing activities.
Below this, I will give you a list of things of what to do in Baños, Ecuador and make the most of every moment you are there.

1. Book your transportation ROUNDTRIP to Baños 

Depending on the place where you depart is the time of your departure, I traveled from Guayaquil, it took 8 hours to reach Baños in a Bus. You can buy your tickets at the terminal of the city where you are or you can book an airport shuttle if you are at the airport. It is very important that you buy your tickets with anticipation so you don’t run out of time! Baños, Ecuador is one of the best places to visit in all Ecuador.

2. Book your stay in Baños

It is very important that you book your stay days before. Baños is a very small town, it offers hostals and hotels for backpackers that pass their adventure trip in Baños. I stood in Hostal El Molino Blanco, a very nice hostal with breakfast included located right next to the mountains in Baños. You can book online or by call.

what to do in baños ecuador

Hostal El Molino Blanco

3. Bring the right clothes

Baños is a cold place, there are so many activities you can do that you’ll have to fill your backpack with at least 2 outfits per day. I recommend you to bring warm clothes for cold, clothes for the water activities, for going out at night and pijamas. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and insect repellent for this equatorial climate. Remember that you’re gonna be in the jungle so mosquitoes will be waiting…

4. Visit the Waterfalls of Baños

what to do in baños ecuador

Something that stands out from Baños de Agua Santa, is the amount of the unique waterfalls famous worldwide. They are spectacular! I visit some while we were on the road with our chaffeur Francisco! From the western entrance to Baños, there is the Route of Orchids, Waterfalls and Guayabas. This route passes all the way Baños (Mera-Puyo). Here’s the list of what to do in Baños, Ecuador at the waterfalls from west to east.

-Ines Maria
-Callejera de la Virgen
-Cascadas de Chamana
-El Manto de la Novia
-San Jorge
-Cascadas el Fanstasma y El Placer
-San Pedro
-El Corazón
-Encañonado del Duende
-Cascada de Río Verde
-Las 7 cascadas de Machay
-Cascadas San Francisco y Refugio del Gallo de la Peña
-Las 4 cascadas de Cashaurco

5. Take advantage at least of one activity on the road!

What to do in Baños Ecuador

There are hundreds of activities if you are looking what to do in Baños, Ecuador offered on the way to the waterfalls and in other sites of Baños.
I did Canopying on the road to Pailon del Diablo Waterfalls, it was an insured vertigo! The tourist guide promised us that it was not dangerous and I shouldn’t be scared. From that moment I can say my fear subsided. You can be accompanied by a person in the other zipline, is fun! The photographs will be unforgettable.

6. Don’t miss the nightlife in Baños!

What to do in Baños Ecuador

Bars and Clubs in Baños are super fun, you should get there early because they close at 2am (or so they say but you cans spend a little more). There are people from everywhere, especially Argentinians. We went to one called “Volcan”, the music was great from all kind: Reggaeton, Pop, Salsa, Electronica, etc! We met a lot of new people there so it was more fun. 🙂

7. Visit Puyo

What to do in Baños Ecuador

Puyo is part of the Amazonas, very cultivated and loved by the people who live there. My friends and I first took a boat tour on the river, outskirts of Puyo. We met people from everywhere and jumped into the River (no piranhas or dangerous animals). After that, the tourist guide took us across a bridge to the entrance of Puyo and gave us this drink called “CHICHA”. The original Chicha is a drink made by the habitants of there, made of sugar cane which they chew it and this is how the drink goes. The legend says that it you don’t drink it is a sign of disrespect and they will despise you. We affortunately tasted the one made of Sweet Potato, I didn’t like it but my friends did.
After that, we were taught how to launch a weapon with which the natives kill their preys, we painted our faces, saw a 2 meters Boa and entered the forest…
Our guide showed us some of what he know about the forest, like vegetation and species.
Then the best, the incredible scenery while climbing mountains of Puyo.. a unique feeling. We took this big rope and jump like tarzan. Here’s a video:

Then we headed to the waterfalls in Puyo: The tour started walking through the forest, there was a time when we got lost and felt in a program of Discovery Channel hahaha, the weather affected us…

The waterfalls were amazing in Puyo, Agua Santa (the largest) is very famous in the world. It’s amazing, the water hits with full force when you’re underneath it that you can not even swim haha. It is important to take your water camera. 😉

8. Go to Casa del Árbol and take a picture there

What to do in Baños Ecuador

You should not miss this important attraction! Pictures are really cool on the swing against the mountain scenery!

9. Do Bridge Puenting! 

What to do in Baños, Ecuador


Click here to see more about the moment I decided to do Bridge Puenting 😀

Every moment in Baños was fun and we enjoyed it a lot! If you are looking what to do in Baños, Ecuador I recommend you make count all the points mentioned and do not forget to share this article with your group of travelers. 🙂 Have a great trip!

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