For those adventure lovers, Cabo is an ideal destination to plan a getaway. Once you get to this land, you fill find plenty things to do.

You can choose the tranquil San Jose del Cabo or the more exciting Cabos San Lucas. It is located at the southern point of Baja Peninsula, including three areas: Cabos San Lucas in the west and San Jose del Cabo in the east, also the main hotel-laden area known as “the Corridor”, 20 miles between the two cities. When you arrive at San Jose int. airport you will need an airport transfer to get to your hotel and a car to explore the different areas.

You will have a lot of decisions when planning your getaway, like where to stay, but here I will show you the best 5 activities you can’t miss in Los Cabos:

  1. Watch the sunset in The Archeditada-5

This is one of the principal activities you can not miss, to watch how the sunset shines in the arch and observe the different beaches around it, “the Lover’s Beach”, “Divorce Beach” and “Pelicans”. Why do they call it Lovers/Divorce beach? Because on one side the water of Cortés, the Lover’s is very calm and the Divorce on the Pacific can be very dangerous with strong waves, rip tide and undertows!

Once you get into Sunset Sailing Tour, you will have the opportunity to navigate at this time of the day through both seas and observe all the beautiful landscapes, sea lions, lots of pelicans and probably whale sharks if there’s whale watching season.editada-6

  1. Fly through the canyons with the Monster Ziplines

This is one of the most adventurous activities you can’t miss in Los Cabos. This activity is located at Wild Canyon. You will fly in ziplines over the desertic landscapes, don’t miss the longest zipline of the destination with 815 meters long. There are some other cool activities you can do here like drive an UTV on the mountains and the beach, ride a camel, zipline at night, jump from a gondola and more.img_9350 img_9342

  1. Explore San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is a very calm town in Los Cabos. You need to take a day to explore all the beauty around. The streets are full of local art, restaurants, music and culture that you probably didn’t know was here.A few blocks from the marina is located restaurante “Mi Casa”, which has become an outstanding landmark of tradicional mexican food, vibrant colors and natural gardens. Then, Plaza Mijares is the central square in San Jose, there you fill find many jewellery stores, art galleries, souvernirs. On the west side there is Iglesia San Jose that stands over the place where the original mission was established in 1730; it’s bell towers and interior decoration are honored to Jesuit priest, Nicolas Tamaral, martyred on the site where this building stands.img_9435img_9431img_9432 img_9437 img_9450 img_9462 img_9417

  1. Spend a day at Medano Beach

Medano beach is the safest in Cabo San Lucas and the most popular. Many beaches here are very dangerous for the strong tides and undertows, except for Medano.

Medano Beach has several miles for people that want to get in and swim, practice water sports or relax. Located within Cabo San Lucas Bay, if you are staying in the hotel zone, you can get there easily. There are restaurants, beach clubs, bars and water activities to enjoy right at the beach.medano-beach-los-cabos

  1. Visit the land of Wikiruta

The land of Wirikuta has a lot to expose to the admirers. Starts with a typical mexican dinner buffet with a beverage of your taste and then an ancestral dance of the Huichol people. You will see incredible acrobatic displays in 3D mapping technology as they perform their cultural dance. All those costumes and colors will make your heart beat when you see how they express their cultural rituals!img_9625

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