Going to the Beach, Ecuador.


Going to the beach in Ecuador is more than that, is going to see how the Sun goes Down giving different colors to the sky and enjoying a relax and familiar, friends, love or lonely time to think.

The coast are in the Pacific Ocean, many people travel in bicycle many hours just to go and relax there.

The beach is an hour and a half from the city of Guayaquil, where I live, is relatively close, is very quiet and the food is lovely, there are hammocks where you can lie down in a cottage next to the restaurant or you can go closer to the sea and rent a tent for the amount of people they are.

The beaches that have been in Ecuador are:

Playas, which has a large beach and is very quiet , it is much more familiar than any beach .


– Salinas, is on the peninsula of Ecuador, is a much more youthful, although it is for families too. In Salinas you can see more parties, clubs, bars and nightlife in the Salinas Malecon , normally people do a walk on the boardwalk and rest of the night, anything.


Mompiche , here is the Royal Decameron Mompiche , which is very nice , it’s nice and elegant with activities for people of all ages and very beautiful bedrooms , you can go kayaking, scuba diving , among other activities.


There are many beautiful beaches in Ecuador , I wouldn’t change any Ecuadorian beach for another one in other places of the world, they must have very beautiful beaches but none as ours, cause when you go to the beaches of Galapagos and step on the long soft white sand, everything is different from the point of view, you will see that your nothing compare to that beautiful and peaceful place, that happened to me, the first and second time I went there. You can swim in the sea and find turtles and more than anything marine wolves

. I go regularly to the beach and I know that more has captivated people around the world is, Montañita.

-Montañita, I went a few times to be honest but the few times I have been I notice that is very funny and is a much quieter place , usually go youth who walk through the world and come to a new place that I doubt they find elsewhere, hotels in Montañita  are very cheap that’s why I thinks many people go there, the food is very good too like any other cheach in Ecuador, you can buy many souvenirs , watch surfers , people swimming , hippies , many people from other countries , rather than Ecuador itself. It’s funny because as soon you step Montañita you feel the smell of weed everywhere, so consider it a place for adults or young people going to have fun or spend time on the beach, is not a familiar place.


Food in Ecuador is just amazing, I know I said this many times but is because is true, I always hear  things like “I miss Ecuador food”, you should try our food here, I guarantee that you will say the same thing.



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