This year, Mexico City got a high fame for being named as the best place to go in 2016. To know the real city is to appreciate the historical and beautiful museums, colorful markets, art, theaters, architecture and most of all the diversity of food in Mexico. The city became as one of the world’s cultural powerhouses. From the many activities, I chose this 10 Things to do in Mexico City:

1. Walk by the Centro Historico
A main place to visit is the historical center, the central neighborhood in Mexico City. The principal area is focused on the Zocalo, this plaza is known to be the largest in Latin America and can hold up to 100,000 people. The main attractions are the Catedral Metropolitana, Palacio Nacional and the archaeological area of Templo Mayor; there are many museums also located in specific colonial houses. Just a few blocks is located Plaza Garibaldi; known as Mexico City home of Mariachi music. Most day and night, mariachi bands can be found playing to the visitors of the Plaza. Torre Latinoamericana is another important landmark to visit, a skyscraper of 6 floors with a museum and telescopes.MEXICO-DF-1MEXICO-DF-3MEXICO-DF-22. Visit Chapultepec Castle
Chapultepec Castle is Mexico City largest oasis and one of the loveliest places to visit. The castle is surrounded by more than 1600 acres of forest and divided into three sections which are home of forests, lakes, attractions and important sights. You’ll find plenty of history and transformation over time; since spanish colonial times and religion until Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Carlota moved in, then when the President of Mexico used it for living and nowadays when it become a National History Museum. MEXICO-DF-43. Visit the neighborhood of Coyoacan
Coyoacan refers to one of the 16 boroughs of Mexico City. If you wonder where the name comes from is a Nahuatl origin that means “place of coyotes”. There are many different cultural centers where you can enjoy music, art expositions, theater plays or literary workshops. Coyoacan’s streets are cobblestone and several interesting churches, museums and markets make tourists enjoy their visit. One of the neighborhood top attraction is La Casa Azul, which was home of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. MEXICOO-DF-54. Admire the churches
Mexico City has a multitude of churches with impressive architecture and colonial art. Two of this are the Basilica de Guadalupe and the oldest in America, the Catedral Metropolitana. MEXICO-DF-55. Explore the markets
Mexico city has many huge and fascinating markets. I could spend days exploring! The Mercado de la Ciudadela have crafts from all Mexico. If you visit on Saturday, you can head to the Bazar Sabado in San Angel; you will find high quality handicrafts for sale. If you want adventure, check out Mercado La Laguinilla where anything from clothes to electronics are found. The best day to visit this one is on Sundays. Otherwise if you are looking for produce and other food products, check out Mercado de la Merced of Sonora.MEXICO-DF-76. Go to the Museums
Museo Nacional de Arte “MUNAL” is a breathtaking building in downtown Mexico City, was designed by Silvio Contri. It has an impressive colletion of art from the 16th century to the 1950s. Museo Nacional de Antropologia needs about one or two days to be explored, many exhibitions and articles from Mexico pre-hispanic civilizations such as giant stone heads from the Olmecs are found here. The Franz Mayer Museum offers decorative arts and design: pottery, textiles, silverware and furniture from the 16th to 19th centuries. Museo Soumaya, created by Carlos Slim cointains a varied private art collection. MEXICO-DF-6Visit the Anthropology Museum!

7. Show your brave side at Six Flags Park
If you want to prove yourself to be capable of facing adventure you must visit Six Flags and experience the largest variety of attractions and rollercoasters in the four towns: Mexican, Polynesian, Swiss and the French.mexico-df-8Visit Six Flags!

8. Fall into the best tacos of your life
Eating is an important part of the culture. The city of Mexico has amazing food to offer and tacos takes an essential part in the hearts of the foreigners. Tacos al Pastor are the king and authentic election, my favorites. Mexico City’s best taquerias are: El Fogoncito, El Huequito, EL Tizoncito, El Califa & El Faraon. MEXICO-DF-99. Browse for hours and drink lots of coffee at Cafebreria el Pendulo
This bookstone & coffee shop has many locations in the city but the one in Polanco is particularly welcoming!MEXICO-DF-1010. Ride in the canals of Xochimilco
This is a great idea for visiting Mexico City. It is located one hour away from the city center. You can enjoy taking a ride in a Trajinera and the Mexican folklore. Mariachis, food, colorful decorations and more traditional music to know the culture.mexico-df-11 Visit Xochimilco!

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