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Swim with Majestic Whale Sharks in Riviera Maya this Summer

A priceless experience you can only enjoy from June 1, don’t miss your chance to snorkel alongside the biggest fish in the sea, as hundreds of friendly, majestic whale sharks fill the warm waters off our coast all summer long.

Boasting one of the most robust seasonal populations of whale sharks in the world, the warms waters around the Yucatan are prime for up close and personal encounters with these majestic creatures all summer long. In fact, over 400 of these incredible creatures gathered off our coast in 2011. That said, Cancún and Playa del Carmen whale shark tours have quickly become some of the most popular in Riviera Maya.Riviera Maya 1How, When, & Where to See Them

The 20167 season lasts throught the end of summer, with prices ranging from $125-$210 for 6-9 hours of snorkeling, nautical sightseeing, and feasting on fresh-caught ceviche. Most leave Playa around 6am, heading for the waters off Isla Holbox, Contoy, or Mujeres, depending where the sharks are gathering. While most local outfitters offer whale shark tours this time of year, Whale Shark Discovery Cancun is definitely one of the best.Riviera Maya 2What Are They, Whales or Sharks?

Whale sharks are actually the world’s largest type of shark, which also makes them the biggest fish in the sea. They’re called “whales” because of their behemoth size, reaching lengths of up to 40 feet, in excess of 20 tons. Think snorkeling with one of these guys sounds scary? No worries, they’re actually what’s called “filter feeders,” meaning they use thousands of super small teeth to literally filter tiny creatures like plankton and eggs from the water. If they remind you of dinosaurs, that’s because they kind of are – the species dates back roughly 60 million years!Riviera Maya 3The 9th Annual Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Festival

Every year in mid-July, Isla Mujeres hosts a celebration of the Mexican Caribbean’s favorite summer guest. While the focus of the festival is encouraging people to join them in the water – with an emphasis on marine conservation – you can also expect plenty of live music, dancing, local art, and traditional island cuisine.

Helpful Riviera Maya Packing Advice for U.S. Travelers

Take the stress out of planning your family vacation in the Mexican Caribbean with this convenient Riviera Maya packing guide & helpful travel advice.

What should I bring to the Mexican Caribbean? Where is Riviera Maya located exactly? Should I take cash? These are just a few questions you might have after booking your dream vacation in Playa del Carmen. It’s easy to fantasize about paradise, but as your travel dates move closer, feeling stressed about the unknowns is not at all uncommon. That’s why we’ve come up with a helpful guide to prepare you for your trip.Helpful Riviera Maya Packing Advice for U.S. Travelers1

You Are Here

Formally known as the “Cancun-Tulum Corridor,” Riviera Maya is located on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. With white-sand Caribbean beaches and gorgeous weather all year, travelers need not pack much for their stay in paradise.

The EssentialsHelpful Riviera Maya Packing Advice for U.S. Travelers2First and foremost, don’t forget your medicine. You’ll want to bring a few extra doses as well, in case you experience travel delays anywhere along the way. Second, everyone wonders about money: how much to bring and in what currency. The answer is easy. Bring a fistful of $1 US bills for tipping at arrival, then use ATMs to collect pesos at a real-time exchange rate. Don’t forget to tell your bank your travel plans, and ask if they have any partners in Mexico to avoid ATM fees. Other essentials include a photocopy of your passport (both emailed and a hard copy), as well as your glasses and prescription (just in case).

A Few More Things

Here are a handful of items you also might want not want to leave home without, along with a few you may not have thought of yet:

  •         2-3 bathing suits
  •         Casual clothes (shorts, t-shirts, sandals)
  •         At least one “dressy” outfit for going out
  •         Light jacket, sweater, or coat
  •         Walking shoes / hiking boots
  •         Baby Powder (gets the sand off your feet)
  •         Sunscreen / Bug Spray
  •         Bottle opener / Corkscrew
  •         Zip-Loc Bags
  •         First Aid Kit
  •         Nice camera
  •         Sunglasses
  •         Hat


Ventura Park in Cancun

If you are comming to Cancun, this is a tour that you can not miss with friends or family.

Ventura Park in Cancun, Mexico is a new park that opened its doors on March 2016, it used to be Wet and Wild and now changed to a new Mega Theme Park in front of the ocean with a lot of extreme adventure and entertainment inside.ventura park worldsWhat makes Ventura Park so amazing? The fun and unforgettable experience, there are different worlds inside this park, all for different ages, such as riding the wild roller-coaster, go bungee-jumping, ziplines with amazing views, swimming with dolphins, waterslides, go-karts and plenty more adventures that you will loveee. If you’re a gamer, you have to go to the Underworld. There you can show off your skills with our high-tech games like, Laser Tanks, Virtual Reality Warfare, and our latest addition, the popular Star Wars Battle Pod.ventura-more-worldsventura-worldsWhere to get tickets to Ventura Park? You can get your tickets by clicking here. Price per adults are $108 USD and $60 USD for infants. This prices are the lowest you can find online!

1. Unlimited Ventura Park at Daylight: This is a ticket to Ventura Park will all included; attractions, all the different spots of food like sports bar, italian, beach bar, ice cream bar, etc. and all the activities inside the park at the day. Click here to see this tour.

2. Unlimited Ventura Park at night: At Ventura Unlimited Pack at Night you will enjoy an unparalleled experience, jump on ziplines at night, driving in Go-Karts at high speed, visit this Mega Park, carefree, with everything included. Click here to see this tour.

Are you ready for this life time experience? Visit this Mega Park, carefree, with everything included!

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