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Get to Know Manzanillo – The Capital of Sail Fishing

Escrito por Damaris Chavez. Junio 2018. De Manzanillo, Mexico.

Manzanillo is one of the most important commercial ports in Mexico, known as the world capital of sail fishing, and known for sunny climate throughout the year, the charm of Manzanillo undoubtedly revolves around its beautiful beaches.

This is the ideal destination for those looking to relax and enjoy on the seashore.

When it comes to traveling with children to Manzanillo, keep in mind that the beaches are very varied among themselves and not all are recommended for young children. La Boquita, Santiago, and Playa Azul, located in the Bay of Santiago, are the most frequented by families with children due to the calm waters.

On the other hand, there is Las Hadas, which is the quietest beach in the Bay of Manzanillo, since it is in a well-protected cove that allows it to have gentle waves. The access is restricted only allowed to guests of Hotel Las Hadas.

Another entertaining activity when we ask ourselves what to do with children involved in Manzanillo is to visit the “Iguana Refuge Archundia”. Ramón Archundia began rescuing a pair of iguanas and settled in a marshy area where he planted two guamúchil trees, establishing the perfect conditions for them to live and reproduce.

Currently, it takes care of the 550 specimens of iguanas that live in this place. There is no cost at the entrance there is only a voluntary donation as a collaboration to help with maintenance and food for the different species refuged there.

If your family trip to Manzanillo includes people of your same age, the options vary. We recommend visiting several of its beaches since each one has a particular style and a different tourist projection, able to satisfy any need for rest and relaxation.

In the first instance, you can visit La Audiencia, located in the Peninsula de Santiago subdivision. It is a small cove, surrounded by palm trees and with a moderate swell. It is excellent for developing the most popular water sports such as skiing, kayaking, windsurfing and renting jet skis.

Las Brisas is another of the best beaches in Manzanillo. Due to its unique characteristics, especially in the southern area where the slope is less pronounced and more subtle, the waves favor swimming, diving, snorkeling and enjoying the landscape.

Olas Altas, located in the Bay of Santiago, is of moderate waves. It is an ideal beach to sunbathe and enjoy the scenery. Due to the sea becoming deep close to the beach, it is dangerous to swim without taking the proper precautions.

Miramar is the most popular beach for tourists, its waves are soft and the slope is moderate, favorable conditions to enjoy the sun and swimming.

Here, you will find hotels, restaurants, handicrafts market, and you can carry out activities such as horseback riding or water sports of your choice. In addition, the place has its own boardwalk for you to take long walks while watching the sunset.

Finally, San Pedrito is the closest beach to downtown. It is interesting to observe the presence of pelicans that are almost always found at the north end of the beach, where fishermen also arrive in the mornings after their work. On this beach, you can find the facilities to do Sports Fishing of Manzanillo.

And since we talk about fishing, being the capital of sail-fishing, Manzanillo is among the favorite places in the world to practice it. Every year, in November, the International Pez Vela Tournament is held where the best national and foreign competitors come to these waters to give their best.

If you are interested in practicing this sport, we suggest you do it in the “capture and release” mode that consists of releasing the fish after capture to give you the opportunity to continue living and enjoying the coasts of Colima.

The coastal cuisine of Manzanillo depends a lot on fishing in the region. The basis of it is fish and seafood. Ceviche Colimense, prepared with ground beef from sailfish, is one of the most popular dishes in the city.

After a good dinner with typical food of the region, it is best to go for a walk on the Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid, the center of the nightlife of Manzanillo, and where you can listen to live music and dance until dawn.

Throughout your family vacation in Manzanillo, you will undoubtedly visit the Malecón several times, where you can see sculptures by local artists, fishing boats, and the beautiful bay.

Within the beach activity, in addition to choosing between the above, you can visit Ventanas, a viewpoint to the Pacific, perfect to enjoy a sunset and take pictures, or also the Valley of Las Garzas, where you will find pelicans and herons and you can even take a boat ride.

If you are fond of golf, you can’t miss the Manzanillo golf course, where tournaments such as the Las Hadas Cup and the Mexican Aviation Cup are often held.

Some places of interest that we recommend visiting in the framework of a vacation in Manzanillo are the Cathedral of Colima, the Government Palace, the Temple of San Francisco de Almoloyan, the House of Culture and the Museum of Western Cultures.

And as you will undoubtedly want to bring back a memory of your passage through this city, on Mexico Avenue you will find many artisans, from those who work with marine snails to high and low-temperature potters.

Finally, we have some recommendations for you to consider when choosing between family hotels in Manzanillo, especially when it comes to child care:

1). Barceló Karmina Palace Deluxe: the most recommended in recent months among tourists and one of the most luxurious. It has a swimming pool, restaurant, spa, gym, bar and ocean view.

2). Las Hadas: the most famous hotel in Manzanillo, it is located on the beach of the same name, exclusively for hotel guests. It is a very exclusive resort, it has a swimming pool, golf course, ocean view, gym, spa, restaurant and a marina for yachts and boats.

3). City Express is a very modern hotel with a pool and gym.

4). Hotel Dolphin Cove Inn has a pool, restaurant, and ocean view.

We hope this guide will help you leave nothing out of your itineraries for Manzanillo. Our beaches are waiting for you to spend an unforgettable moment. Bon Voyage and please tell us your adventures!

From Riviera Maya Golf, to Extreme Sports in Playa del Carmen

From Riviera Maya Golf, to Extreme Sports in Playa del Carmen

Skydiving, kiteboarding, & flyboarding are just a few extreme sports in Playa del Carmen, with plenty of Riviera Maya golf to relax afterward.

Whether you crave a quiet day on the golf course in lush Mayan jungle, or the undeniable thrills of skydiving, kitesurfing, and the wildly new world of flyboarding – it’s all right at your doorstep. In Playa del Carmen, extreme sports are everywhere you turn, along with serene stretches of challenging holes at world-renowned courses like our neighbor; Riviera Maya Golf Club. For the perfect mix of relaxation and high-octane recreation, consider planning adventures like these:

Riviera Maya Golf Club

Carretera Federal Chetumal-Benito Juarez

km 250, Akumal

This is the place to relax after skydiving from 10,000 feet or “hovering” over the Caribbean on an aquatic flyboard. The 27 holes are also perfect for those of tamer heart to wile away the day in paradise while friends and family indulge their wild whims.RMB-GOLFSkydive Playa

Plaza Marina

Local 32, Colonia Centro

When it comes to sightseeing, nothing compares to a 40-second freefall from 10,000 feet. The pros at this local outfit tucked away behind Señor Frogs at the ferry dock work with first-timers everyday, so training before you’re tandem jump only takes 20 minutes.RMB-SKYDIVE-4-PEOPLEPlaya del Carmen Kiteboarding & SUP Adventures

Sandos Playacar Resort

Playacar Hotel Zone

The only active kitesurfing school in Playa offers extensive lessons for all skill levels to ride the wind and water, as well as rentals for those who’ve already gotten their feet wet.RMB-kitesurfFlyboard Riviera Maya

Calle 5 Sur

Plaza Tuu-Kul

Playa’s newest extreme sport involves strapping a high-flying aquatic “hoverboard” to your feet and taking to the air up to 50 feet over the Caribbean coast. After a little training, you’ll be doing back flips in no time!rmb-flyboardd

What to do in Tulum, Mexico

Why is everyone so obsessed with Tulum? On the southern end of Riviera Maya lies the incredible town of Tulum. This magical place is a paradise for everyone. I love places in touch with nature, the sea and peace.. where you can lay in a hammock at night watching starry skies, hearing the sound of the ocean and breathing the salty air.

In Tulum; you will find ecological hotels, bohemian bars, local taco trucks and artists. Travelers and people who visit are not seeking to change to local customs.. Each person in Tulum follows their own path and blend themselves creating an interesting atmosphere!

What to do in Tulum, Mexico? Here are some things you are probably gonna do:

1. Walk in the picturesque streets

What-to-do-in-tulum-n-1This interesting environment is unique, you will love to explore those streets and turning like a local. The morning is for shopping, trying some of the food at the corners and the nights turns lively for spending the night at bohemian bars.

2. Ride a bike on Tulum’s beach road

What-to-do-in-tulu-2When you stay in a hotel in Tulum, you’ll probably get a bike for free but if not, you can rent a bike. This is pretty cool because you can watch all the local stores, people at the beach and if you hold, you can visit the Mayan Ruins.

3. Discover the Mayan Ruins of Tulum


Tourists love it for being the only archaeological site built overlooking the ocean. Take this tour by walking throught all the structures and the most iconic, “El Castillo” is disposed on the edge of a cliff overlooking the clear turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. 

4. Hit to Playa Paraiso

What-to-do-in-tulum-n3Go to the south along the road to Boca Paila and you’re gonna find Playa Paraiso “Paradise Beach”. This name is real for that clear ocean and white sand. There are many lockers and change rooms to save your clothes for a while, also a restaurant and many local food in the area to buy some snacks or drinks.

5. Eat Tacos

C-3Starving or not, tacos are a must!!! Tulum has insane, good and delicious tacos. The best ones are found on the streets. If you head to Tulum’s downtown area, get to “Antojitos La Chiapaneca” to try the best tacos al pastor in all Tulum. Each one is seven pesos. Put all the salsas in your tacos and just be careful with the spicy ones.

6. Have a tropical drink

c4While cackling with your accompaniment you must try one of the famous beach drinks: Coconut, Piña Colada, Mezcal,  Maracuya, Mojito, etc.

How to get to Tulum from Cancun? Click here

High school trip to Guanajuato, México.

This was a trip to Guanajuato with my school about 3 years ago,  going to this beatiful and historical city. We arrived to “Hotel Minero” , which was not the nicest hotel but it was comfortable for us, we live our luggage right away and head to the “Alhóndiga de granaditas” a regional museum so we didn´t waste time.

We walked from the hotel to the Museum which was really close (we walked everywhere really) and enjoy the views and took some photos. We enojed the museum, which is a very awesome building and the story about the place it´s really attractive.IMG_0333

After the museum we stopped for some icecream on our way to the next visit, “Teatro Juarez” a famous theatre everyone must visit on their trip to Guanajuato which is regarded as one of themost beautiful theatres in Mexico. We took a tour of the theatre and it was incredible, we were amazed with it. Then we started to feel hungry and decided to grab something to eat near the place, everyone went to a different restaurant , some friends and I decided to eat in a restaurant just in front of the theatre where we relax and enjoyed the food and view. Then we went to have a glance of the “Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato”, a well conserved old temple which was really close to the restaurant and we decided to go and have a look. There was a wedding happening so everything was outstanding and we where there for about 20 minutes until we realized the group was waiting for us, so we we had to run!IMG_0172

Once everyone rested it was time to go to “El Monumento al Pipila” a famous monument dedicated to “Pipila” who performed an heroic act in the war of Independence on the fire to the “Alondiga de granaditas”. It was and absolutly amazing place, it was up hill so we had the best view of the city! Once the sun went down and the city lit, we were astonished. It is a place I highly recommend to visit if you are on a trip to Guanajuato, as I said it is the nicest view of this city.


The next day we woke up early in the morning to start our second day, we were tired of all the walking and the sun of the day before, but we were excited because we were visiting the “Museum of the Mummies” that day. It was really sunny this day so the heat was terrible but once we arrived to the museum we enjoyed all the mummies and have a great time at themuseum. You need to go to these museum, is one of the best and most famous attractions in the city.IMG_0193

Later on we went to “University of Guanajuato” one of the oldest in Latin America. Which first opened in the eighteenth century as a jesuit school. The architecture of the building is really beautiful but we weren´t allowed to enter that day so we just took some photos and have a great time fooling around. We enjoyed some “Alley performances” on the evening, it is a leisure stroll along Guanajuato´s old cobbled alleys (one of them the famous “Alley of the kiss”), we walked alongside troupes of musicians dressed in 17th- century costumes. We really have and incredible time dancing, laughing and having a blast.IMG_0200

After walking all day long again we decided to go to the hotel early get dinner and go to sleep, because the next day we were going to visit “La Mina Valenciana” which is an old minewe were going to visit!


We woke up the next day, we had breakfast and then we got all our luggage into the bus to get to “La valencia” a village where the mine is located. When we arrived we got into groups, each group with one guider. They started by telling us the story of the mine and that it was one of the richest silver mines in Guanajuato. Everyone got a helmet in orderto enter the mine, which had a lot of stairs and not a lot of space , also they turned the lights off for a moment so we could see the darkness in that place, you couldn´t see a thing! It was a great experience and I think many people would like to know a mine if they had the chance.


This trip was brilliant, I had a great time with my classmates and teachers and we all enjoy this georgous city, you all need to make a trip to Guanajuato sometime if you have the time and opportunity it was a great weekend!